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Ace The Pocket Square

Will Ayers of WILLIAM shares all the tips you need on wearing those otherwise intimidating squares with elan.

Ace The Pocket Square

Ace The Pocket Square


Formal gathering or the wedding of a near and dear one, your suit can never be complete without its most shining aspect, the often underrated pocket square. As Will Ayers, Founder of WILLIAM puts it, "a gorgeous silk patterned pocket square can beautifully complement a suit for the red carpet and a pale-toned linen pocket square can work wonders for a summer day on your yacht." In an exclusive, he shares all the tips you need on wearing those otherwise intimidating squares with elan.


Investing in a variety of colours and patterns, ideally in 100 per cent silk or linen is a wonderful idea. A pocket square offers a fantastic opportunity to keep your suits looking relevant and of current trend. If you're coordinating colours, then pocket squares, ascots/ties and socks should be within the same colour tone palette.


Whether you are attending a black tie event or just a casual dinner, one can wear a pocket square to almost any social gathering.


The pocket square can amplify a bold statement when contrasted against the suit colour or share complementary hues with the suit. To further coordinate the styled ensemble, one can look to match colours/patterns with their ascot/tie and socks. Too many bold independent moves can bring an undesired complexity. It's best to think simple, clean and refined.


Modern bandhgalas are incredibly beautiful, and are extremely inspirational for us. Pocket squares are a beautiful accent to bandhgala suits and add just the right amount of statement that evokes an exquisitely dressed man. How one folds and pops their pocket square dictates the mood of the man. If one folds and creates proper points to their square, it says they mean formal business; and if one quickly ruffles theirs into their pocket, it says they are informally edgy and sophisticated.

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