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Uber-Cool Showstoppers

From fashionista favourite footwear and ethnic weaves to bespoke outlets and top-shelf single malt, here is a tantalising treasure trove.

Uber-Cool Showstoppers

Made for Stylish Walking

Some footwear brands make you feel their shoes have been created exclusively for you, given the exquisite craftsmanship and excellent materials. Bugatti shoes for men and women are a perfect fit for those seeking comfort and high fashion. One of the premium brands in Europe, Bugatti was set up in 1928, and its products are exclusively designed and created by AstorMueller's design team, which spends a lot of time walking the streets of top European cities, observing latest trends and interpreting social changes. The brand has now launched its new spring summer collection called Uncopy that draws on global trends and also features styles created exclusively for India.


The Can't-miss Pour

When it comes to made-in-India liquor, there is always a certain degree of restraint as one assumes that top-shelf drinks are only brewed overseas. But contrary to popular notion, the Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky from Radico Khaitan has had a great run abroad and within a month of its India launch, the company sold 50 per cent of the stock in Delhi. The whisky, distilled at Rampur, on the foothills of the Himalayas, has been rated as one of the top five whiskies in the world by The Cask Magazine and Whisky Advocate, America's leading whisky publications.


Wow Home for Weaves

Fashion designer Sanjay Garg has opened an outlet in the iconic location of Lutyens' Delhi, one which aptly reflects his brand's philosophy - that of breathing new life in traditional weaves. Designed by Garg, Adityan Melekalam and Isla Maria 'Loulou' van Damme, the store's interiors are earthy, and the carved folds of the plastered ceiling and doors evoke textile patterns. There is a central courtyard while the 4,750 sq. ft store is full of vintage artefacts from the fashion designer's collection. You will find over 30 antique sculptures inside and around the store premises, and there are tiny brass hands that serve as light switches. The store showcases the brand's collections, including the latest sari collection called Radha.


JLR's India Playbook

Sustainable luxury is the order of the day and global auto giants are set to woo the conscious consumer. While Audi, Porsche and Volvo are looking to bring their electric cars to India, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has also entered the race. Starting this year, the company plans to launch a host of options for Indian consumers, right from the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE to hybrids and BEVs (battery electric vehicles). JLR will be expanding its India portfolio in line with the company's global commitments across eco-conscious markets.


Bespoke Abode for Luxe Watches

Swiss watch brand Audemars Piguet has unveiled its newest lounge designed by Brooklyn-based artist and designer Fernando Mastrangelo as part of Art Basel Hong Kong's Collectors Lounge. Called The Vallee, the concept brings forth the beauty of the Jura Mountains, home to the luxe brand since 1875, and uses natural materials from the region to highlight the brand's heritage and provenance. The lounge will travel to all three Art Basel shows this year.

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