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Vanishing television?

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You look at a nude wall and then press a power button. Magically images appear on the surface and you realise you are watching your favourite tech show on television. Yep, that is what a completely see-through television made by German company Loewe is all about. The aptly named Invisio, designed by Michael Friebe, is a transparent television that uses a TOLED display. The moment you put it off, it instantly disappears. Rumour has it that Loewe is in talks with Apple Inc. Does this mean the iconic company's HDTV vision is centred on the invisible? But, with TOLED tech currently not developed enough for large screens, we will have to wait for transparent TVs for a few more years.

Wear these googles made by the University of Tokyo and you will eat 10 per cent less, leading the computerised gizmo to be dubbed the "Diet Glasses". The device makes food items appear bigger than they are, making people eat less of them.

You can see, touch and hear computers. Now you can smell them. A trio of artists in Melbourne, Australia, and an aroma company have created a scent that is redolent of a new MacBook Pro. The perfume has whiffs of plastic wrap, printing ink, accessories and a new aluminium Mac machine. This non-retailing concoction is named New Apple Smell.

5 trillion: Increase in bits per second in the world's bank of digital information, according to science historian george dyson.

30: Age of Jack Dorsey of San Francisco when he launched Twitter in 2006. The 36-year-old executive chairman of twitter is today estimated to have a net worth of $650 million.

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