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BT More brings you the latest classy products and accessories you must have this season.

Must haves in fashion and lifestyle

BT More brings you the must haves in fashion and lifestyle, from gadgets to accessories to trendy clothing. Here's a list of 5 things you ought to but right now!

FASHION - Caped Crusader


Tweed cape by Valentino

Capes may not be the most obvious of winter picks, but those looking at upping their fashion game should certainly get one. Team it up with chinos for a relaxed day out in the sun, or wear it with formal pants for an extra touch of sophistication at work. A muted grey one, like this tweed Valentino piece exclusively available at, is a great pick for those who like to keep things subtle and classic.
PRICE: On request

ACCESSORIES - Light Your Fire


ST Dupont King of Pearl Ligne 2

Believe it, your Havana deserves better than a lowly matchstick. Try the ST Dupont King of Pearl Ligne 2, complete with gold finish, a 15-mm Tahiti Black Pearl, and the brightest double cigar flame this side of the galaxy.
PRICE: Rs 20 lakh (approx)

FOR HER - Tote This


Michael Kors tote bag

Camouflage is the certified trend of the season, and it works for both casual and formal occasions. This Michael Kors bag, for instance, will make its mark - whether at the lounge or boardroom.
PRICE: On request

HI-TECH WEARABLES - Tech for your Wrist


Pebble Steel smartwatch

Fancy a smartwatch that blends hi-tech functionality with the elegance of an analogue timepiece? Pebble Steel provides you with everything from FB updates to e-connectivity at a pretty good deal.
PRICE: Rs 15,490 (approx)



117-carat Vertu Aster

Meet the 117-carat Vertu Aster, adorned by a 5.1-inch piece of 5th generation sapphire crystal front plate and hand-bound leather sourced from the most reputed tanneries across the world. Inside, you find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.3GHz 801 quad-core processor capable of delivering superfast speeds. What's not to like, really?
PRICE: Rs 4.75 lakh

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