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Deodorise yourself

Duck in for a quick shower and douse yourself in fragrances that would put a bouquet of flowers to shame.


Deodorise yourself

It's no secret that a rugged lumberjack tackling a tree 15 times his height is a sight for sore eyes, especially if he's shirtless. You may bowl that girl over with a raw, sweaty look, but don't let her get any closer - you may wreak havoc on her olfactory senses. What do you do, then? Duck in for a quick shower and douse yourself in fragrances that would put a bouquet of flowers to shame. We've sniffed out the tricks of the underrated art of fragrance layering.


The three broad scent families for men are fresh, woody and mossy. Stick to one family when attempting layering. Bursts of citrusy and green scents predominate the fresh family. Think ocean mist, lemon peel and cut grass. If you're unsure about your fragrance type, start with this. Woody smells are heady and alluring without being cloying. Look for rustic notes overlaid with leather, tobacco and spices. Mossy scents, the most versatile of the lot, combine multiple notes that are somewhere between floral, earthy and woodsy. Oakmoss, lavender, bergamot, tonka bean and geranium are some must-have scents. The key is to not be intimidated by the fougère family, but embrace it.


Well-moisturised skin is the key to long-lasting fragrance. Scrub down with a light bath powder and scented shower gel. Work it into the skin with a loofah, wash off, pat dry and follow with a body lotion. If you have dry skin, try a perfumed body cream after the lotion. Don't miss out on the aftershave balm and lotion because they add to the depth of the layers without stifling it. Follow the aftershave lotion with a toner to seal the fragrance in. Jo Malone's fragrance combining concept range includes tubes and tubs of each of these, and promises to envelop you in a waft of a freshly lit beach bonfire. The cologne is the crowning touch and rounds off your layering with finesse.


Stay away from oriental and floral families because they limit layering options. Skip the aftershave balm if you have oily skin. Use a scented deodorant before the cologne only if needed.

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