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Tips to choose the best camera based on your needs

For regular users, at least 12 mega pixels, 1080p Full HD video and a 10x zoom can be considered good features.

The Best Camera For You

The Best Camera For You

Here is how to find the camera that fits your personality and needs -

The DSLR is undoubtedly the best bet for this bunch. But if they are looking at a second, more compact camera, the premium compacts and some compact system cameras can be as good as DSLRs.
Rs 30,000 - Rs 3,00,000

Compact mirrorless cameras are best for these users, as they can benefit from multiple lenses, better sensors and low-light performance. The assumption is that these users know a bit about photography.
Rs 30,000-Rs 75,000

If you are someone who perfers a certain type of photography like portraiture, then pick a camera with a fixed lens setting that suits your needs. Many such options are available in premium compacts. There are also specific use cameras for underwater photography and the like.
Rs 50,000 - Rs 2,00,000

These users should go for high-end point and shoots that give manual modes as well as options with settings. They can also look at bridge cameras that have 20x or more zoom.
Rs 15,000 - Rs 30,000

These people need a camera that can shoot, process and share easily, so the new range of connected cameras are the best for them. Choose one with good editing, tweaking options.
Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000

Any entry or mid-level point and shoot camera will work well for this section. At least 12 mega pixels, 1080p Full HD video and a 10x zoom can be considered good features in this segment.
Rs 8,000 - Rs 25,000
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