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Sports is the new arena of business, says Jaypee's Sameer Gaur

Jaypee Sports International MD & CEO Sameer Gaur says the company is working towards being good at handling championships like Formula One and World Superbike.

Jaypee Sports International MD & CEO Sameer Gaur

Jaypee Sports International MD & CEO Sameer Gaur

I think the recent reforms undertaken by the government have definitely boosted the general atmosphere in the country. The sports industry is particularly looking up to these developments.

In the past two years, apart from Formula One, there have been three other individual sports which have come into private hands. The first is the Hockey League, second is wrestling and the third basketball.

Others sports events are also in different stages of discussions.

Corporates are looking at sports as a new arena of business, and I feel it is in very good hands under the present sports ministry.

For the next one year, we need to be good and apt at handling championships like Formula One, World Superbike and the others. We need to build our brand so that we can hold more events and build motor racing schools, nurture specialists, and get global racing teams to put up permanent bases in India so that their manpower can be reduced.

We should not only provide them space but also provide them technicians. That is how we will generate interest. We have to think on those lines that ultimately a team should only send equipment for a race like F1 and should not bother about anything else.

We must have institutions in which people are trained to provide any assistance regarding repairs and assembly. All these programmes are being planned right now. I am hoping for the best.

MD & CEO, Jaypee Sports International Ltd
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