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How to be safe on social networking sites

Norton from Symantec recommends the following for users' safety online,

Norton from Symantec recommends the following for users' safety online:

DON'T talk to, or accept friend invitations from unknown senders on social networks, IM, online forums.

DON'T post your home address, phone number, pictures or other personal details about yourself on public sites - the information you post will live on these sites forever and can also make you an easier target for creeps and bad guys.

DO make sure you have a strong password (See "How to set a safe password")

DO create groups of friends, relatives or other special sub-groups of friends on these social networking platforms and share photos, video and comments to the restricted group.

DO limit the access to your profile from search options and make sure you remove unwanted applications or limit their access to your information. DO make sure you select the most secure (i.e. https) settings whenever they are offered, and notifications of account access from new devices.

DO maintain an up-to-date browser and OS. Browsers and OS usually improve their security settings and you can benefit from it by updating to the latest ones. Not updating can leave you vulnerable to attacks and could lead to private information being lost or stolen.

DO use free online tools such as Norton Safe Web Lite which warns of dangerous websites right in your search results.

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