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An ultra-light laptop with heavy-duty performance and an iPad competitor.

Small, Light and Pricey

Fujitsu Lifebook ebook S760
If you must have an ultra-light Windows laptop that does not compromise on performance, and if price is not an issue, look no further than this machine from Fujitsu. The Lifebook S760 is one of six laptops the Japanese company recently launched in India, all with in-built 3G, though by the time 3G data services become available either late this year or early next year, this machine would be out of date.

The scroll wheel to the right of the touchpad is a nice touch, but a larger touchpad would have been better, possibly with multi-touch. The S760 is a perfect laptop to work with, but battery life is limited thanks to its ultra-low weight (oneand-a-half kg). It's the smallest laptop we have seen with Intel's beefy new i5 processor. But the problem is that the machine just does not look the price.

  • Pros: Incredibly light for the level of performance it delivers
  • Cons: Battery life could be better. The look and feel do not justify the price tag
  • Price: Rs 102,000 (plus taxes)

Nice, But Not Quite There…

OlivePad VT100
Make no mistake, this is not an iPad, and frankly it does not do the 'clone' thing very well either. Still, this is a rather nice piece of hardware. A seven-inch 800 by 480 pixel resolution touch screen, evidently not multi-touch, that runs Android version 1.6. It has connectivity to the mobile phone network through a SIM card slot and is ready for 3G networks. It allows you to make calls even though this feels like a very large phone, and also supports Wi-Fi.

But it does not have much internal storage. It works well on India's relatively data-clogged 2.5G networks. It is surprisingly heavy - perhaps a result of its decent battery life. But we do have a couple of quibbles. The first is the lack of a multitouch screen. Then, it's running an older build of Android. That said, the most critical aspect of the device will be its price, which has not been announced, though it is likely to be around Rs 25,000.

  • Pros: Tablet form factor is cool, allows you to make calls, is 3G-ready
  • Cons: Heavy, not multi-touch, runs older version of Android

A site which gives you exercise tips for free

Too lazy to join a gym? Don't maintain regular enough hours to call a yoga instructor? Would rather die than watch a Bollywood starlet's workout video? If you answered yes to all these and have a fastenough Internet connection at home, do take a look at this website.

It is free to use and gives you access to a whole host of exercise videos, from hardcore bodybuilding workouts to light aerobic training and yoga positions. It helps that the rather confounding exercise names such as "Reverse Leg Kicks with O-loop Resistance" and "Crab Walk" are matched with the target area and difficulty level. Best of all, it costs nothing, though they do try to push their resistance bands on you.

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