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Restaurant Review: Lutyens Cocktail House

The bar menu at LCH is quite simple and sophisticated but some of the dishes don't deliver.

Restaurant Review: Lutyens Cocktail House

It is located above the Jaguar showroom, opposite the Le Meridien hotel and is rightfully called the Lutyens Cocktail House, given the zone that it is in. The space is elegant and tasteful, reminiscent of bars at five-star hotels, and with service to match.

What disappoints though is the cocktail list. Given that it is called a cocktail house, you imagine an inventive menu that begs to be tried, yet here you have just a clutch of drinks to choose from.


Having said that, the cocktails we did try were delicious; they can be eaten rather than just drunk as many of them use sorbets to complete the drink. Begin with the Perfume, which combines the flavours of cardamom, peach sorbet and rose wine. Or try the vodka-based Citronus which is perfect for summer with a hint of snow as bite into the orange candy sorbet and get a hit of lemongrass as well.

The bar menu at LCH is quite simple and sophisticated but some of the dishes don't deliver. The bacon popcorn is a good idea but the bacon bits were limp, making the dish soggy.


Similarly, while the wasabi prawns sounded delicious, served with a mango salsa, their batter made them pasty and you lost the prawn zing. On the other hand, the Caesar salad was fantastic and was presented innovatively; one of the finest I have seen and using fresh ingredients. Their burgers and pizzas are also spot on and I would recommend the pork ribs burger which is succulent and delicious. We tried the lamb, tzatziki and five spices pizza and while it was rich in flavour, I could literally count the tiny pieces of lamb on each slice.


They also have a fine range of pastas and grills which are competitively priced and merit a try. You can end your meal with the lemon cream tart served with a passion fruit macaroon. The tart is actually a slice but the confection is light and with just the right amount of sugar. The macaroons are forgettable though.

You could also try the banoffee cheesecake with toffee sauce which is warm and textured. The LCH is an interesting space and for once, a bar seems to have got the music right (no rock or retro).

Quick suggestion: try and get a table at the far end of the space as the bar where the drinks are constructed is in the centre of the restaurant and can get noisy, especially when ice is being crushed in the mixer.

BT More recommends
Caesar salad
Pork ribs burger

Meal for two
Rs 2000 plus taxes

011 33107884

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