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Restaurant Review: Fio Cookhouse and Bar

With cocktails to match and great service, this is the place to head to when you want a meal and drink that make you feel good about life.

Green Escape

The moment you enter the leafy expanse that cuts Fio Cookhouse and Bar off from the rest of the Epicuria mall, you are in an upmarket, exclusive zone that is tastefully decorated, young and buzzing. While the weather in Delhi does not permit al fresco dining through the year, their outdoor space is amazing for evenings when the weather gods are kind and you are in the mood for something special.

The indoor restaurant is ample, has a stylish bar separating one side from the other, and a lounge space that we are told has a fantastic vibe over the weekend.


Fio Cookhouse Orange baked cheese cake

While the restaurant has been around for the last two years (the original Fio is still running at the Garden of Five Senses) they have new additions to the menu in time for summer. Begin with small plates section where the phyllo tazza is a great starter, flaky with an artichoke, caramelised onion. Mushroom and goat cheese filling.

Chase this with one of their delicious signature cocktails like the green tea and vodka or the Bellini martini if you like your drink sweet and sparkling. If you enjoy salads, the newly introduced Watermelon bocconcini fennel salad which is a confection of mixed greens, cherry bocconcini, prunes, honey and balsamic is recommended. The pop of prune in an otherwise staid salad is exciting and the watermelon sets the mood for summer. Light, refreshing and with the right dash of acidity, this is a good palate cleanser and works well as a salad as well.


Fio cookhouse braised pepper lamb

Go for the half and half pizza if more than one type catches your fancy. I would recommend the smoked salmon, camembert and chives along with the pepperoni and jalapenos. Truly delicious.

For mains, skip the pasts and risottos and stay with the grilles, especially if fish if you thing. There are a number of light, tasty options available and you really can't go wrong with them. In the mood for lamb instead? The braised pepper lamb with barley risotto is a real winner. Skip dessert if you are calorie-conscious but for those who can't deny themselves a sweet ending, the tiramisu jar or the crushed peanut banoffee is spot on. A meal at Fio is always leisurely and calls for playful banter as the setting demands you leave the baggage behind. With cocktails to match and great service, this is the place to head to when you want a meal and drink that make you feel good about life.

BT More recommends
Watermelon bocconcini salad
Tiramisu Jar

Meal for two
Rs 2500 plus taxes


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