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Letters to the Editor

Money Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's January, 2015 coverage and more.

Letters to the Editor

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Money Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's January, 2015 coverage and more.

The cover story of January issue (Building Wealth in 2015) was a welcome read for investors as they plan their strategies in 2015. Given how the entire market has braced up for a 'bull run', I expect a number of investors to make major mistakes in picking the right stocks. The rise in optimism will also give way to ridiculous recommendations and absurd strategies for picking winners. In this regard, your story will come in handy for all types of investors. I believe that among large-caps, IT companies are a good bet as they have given healthy returns even among the worst times. I also believe that people should not overexpose their portfolio to cyclical investments like thematic or sectoral funds. Also, it will be a good idea to dump stocks and other investments that have not done well despite a boom and instead, invest the money in more promising avenues. ~ BN Ashok, Chennai


Money Today January, 2015 issue

The series of guest columns in the January issue were a welcome addition to the cover story. Jack Lin's interview (India is Unleashing its True Potential, January 2015) was brilliant read. Most of the experts on Indian markets have limited knowledge on India, but Lin showed his strong understanding of the Indian economy. I hope the magazine publishes more such interviews in future. ~ Vijayan Shankar, Bangalore

The story on insurance apps (Apps to Aid Your Cover, January 2015) was informative and will be of help to readers. I was particularly interested in the part where the story talked about underwriting. As more players enter the market, customised policies will be the most important marketing tool for insurance companies. ~ DR Sharma, Kanpur

The story on two-wheeler stocks (In Top Gear, January 2015) will be good news for a number of investors who have invested heavily in auto stocks. This sector has been one of the most well-performing sectors in the recent past. Although sales were never an issue for the sector, the fall in raw material prices has helped the companies substantially. With talks of an impending bull run, I believe that auto stocks remain a good bet as long as their valuations are justified. ~ Payal Mmajumdar, Delhi


The following quote in the story 'Apps to Aid Your Cover' (January, 2015) is to be attributed to Sandip Chakraborty, head, information technology and project management office, Bharti AXA General Insurance, and not as mentioned in the story. The error is regretted-Editor.

"With seamless integration between mobile apps and insurers CRM (customer relationship management) and core insurance application systems, it can be effectively deployed to address customer queries and bring down the traditional contact centre cost effectively."

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