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Tips to give your house modest yet stylish look

Check out some useful tips to give your home a more stylish and elegant look.

Deck up your Den

Deck up your Den

To lend your den a minimalist and stylish look, focus on essential functional elements such as a full-length mirror or a sleek chest of drawers. Natural earth tones as well as combinations of white, black, grey, cream and cool blue work best for walls. Team them with curtains and bedspreads in neutral shades. Stick to wood for furniture as it creates a rugged-yet-warm look.

Fibreglass and wicker are catching on, but nothing spells class like good ol' teak or redwood. Invest in Chippendale sofas, which look effortlessly elegant. Bulky pieces are best avoided unless you have a lot of space. Limit wall decor to paintings or framed photos. Ceramic or wrought-iron lamps are a good option.

Instead of filling your rooms with furniture that create the illusion of space, position the pieces to create mini-rooms within your apartment. This neatly compartmentalises the flow of space. With small shelves flanking a hanging TV and a low table underneath for movies and books, you can create a lounge-y atmosphere with two recliners and a couch. Make sure the entertainment system is not too far from the kitchen, where you can incorporate a snack centre and a built-in countertop.

For the bathroom, opt for brick or stone finish tiles. For a more rugged look, design the bathroom in harmony with the connecting room. Stick to stainless steel for a snazzy-looking sink.

No luxurious man cave is complete without a sofa made of genuine leather, a movie theatre with a stereo system, a mini sports bar and an elaborate writing desk.

Parushni Aggarwal is the creative director of Studio CREO.

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