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Nano catches world's most powerful man's eyes

Soon after meeting Tata Sons Chairman Ratan Tata, the US President is said to have introduced Tata to wife Michelle as 'the person who created the $2,500 wonder car'.

President Barack Obama, who heads the world's richest economy, on Sunday checked out the world's cheapest car - the Tata Nano.

No sooner the powerful US couple were introduced to Ratan Tata, who heads the $72 billion conglomerate, President Obama told the first lady Michelle that this is the person who created the $2,500 wonder car.

Eyewitnesses said that Michelle immediately expressed the desire to see the car that revolutionised the auto industry and put India prominently on the global map.

After the discussion last evening, Tata immediately organised a gleaming Nano along with a chauffeur, right at the porch of luxurious Taj Mahal Palace hotel in front of Gateway of India, where Obama and entourage was camping since Saturday.

The couple stepped out in the morning to have a good look at the car, with Michelle even sitting in the small Nano and admiring the engineering marvel.

When contacted, a Tata spokesperson confirmed. "Yes, we showcased the Nano at the Taj Mahal hotel."

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