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Money Today readers' feedback on the magazine's coverage

Money Today readers' feedback on the magazine's coverage of the personal finance sector -

Letters to the Editor

Money Today readers' feedback on the magazine's coverage of the personal finance sector -

The cover story of May 2014 issue (Global Dream) will prove to be a huge help to people who are planning to settle abroad. I moved to the US in 2010 for two years and I remember the process of sorting my finances to be an excruciatingly long affair. Banks were of little help and instead of helping me, the representatives were busier peddling all sorts of products. I think the biggest issue for people who move abroad is dealing with the taxation laws in both the countries. It will not be a bad idea for the Income Tax department to set up a helpline for people who might be moving abroad but still have a source of income in India. - SANJAY SINGH, Gurgaon

I would like to bring to your attention the apathy of national banks at selling the inflation-indexed National Savings Securities. These bonds were launched to help investors save at a higher rate than inflation. However, when I approached the Bank of India branch in Nagpur, the officials expressed their total ignorance about the scheme and were unable to even list its features. Due to this, our HUF was unable to participate in the scheme and invest our funds in time to obtain tax exemption before March. What is the point of launching a scheme if it is not marketed well and does not benefit the investors? The National Pension Scheme is another example of a scheme that hasn't been carefully marketed. Good schemes alone won't suffice; they need to be made available at every branch and the officials need to be wellinformed about them. Otherwise, both schemes will fail to benefit most investors. - NARESH GROVER, Nagpur

The guest column by Yurop Shrestha (Quest for a Green Card, May 2014) was an eye-opener. Given how coveted the US Green Card is, I was surprised to read that the process can be initiated with $1 million. There are thousands of people who end up spending a lot more to get a Green Card because they are unaware of the EB 5 route. This article will go a long way in helping people who wish to settle in the US. - AJAY SHAH, Gandhinagar

The article on small-cap stocks (Adding Shine to the Portfolio, May 2014) was informative. Although small-caps are expected to enjoy a good run, given the improved market sentiments after elections, retail investors should not invest more than 5% of their core portfolio in small-cap stocks. - VINAY TIWARI, Thane


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