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Mexican joint La Bodega located in Khan Market is ok for a visit

La Bodega is all about subtle romance- subdued lighting, cozy interiors and even candle lights to boot. Full marks on the interiors here!

La Bodega Balcony

La Bodega Balcony

Finding good Mexican food in Delhi is as tricky as finding a Delhi wedding that isn't over the top- few and far in between. Therefore the announcement of a Mexican place having opened up in the city is not just exciting but skeptical. You don't know what to expect and that is the double-edged sword here. I walked into La Bodega, set in the bustling Khan Market, with zilch expectations. I do that mostly to guard myself from unwanted disappointments and embrace any pleasant surprise that might come my way. It's a strategy that has worked almost always and it was my best armor after hearing not-so-exciting things about the restaurant beforehand.

First things first, the restaurant has some of the most warm and pleasant interiors I've seen in a long time. The place is certain to bring a smile to your face! Nothing too ostentatious here; La Bodega is all about subtle romance- subdued lighting, cozy interiors and even candle lights to boot. Full marks on the interiors here!

My meal began with Tinga de Pollo, a tostada which was so average, I didn't know where to look. Things turned good, however, with Camaron Salteado, another tostada but this time with shrimp. What followed next were four back-to-back tacos, some good and some not so good. Pollo (chicken) and Dorados de Barbacao (Lamb) are the ones you should go for; Pescado (Fish) could have been better; Al Pastor (Pork) is disappointing like how!

I also had a huge problem with the guacamole here. It is one of my most favorite things to eat in the whole world and however decent it might be, the guacamole left me a tad bit disappointed. Another restaurant I recently reviewed, no names mentioned, has a much better one there.

Main course was half-roasted chicken and red snapper fish. Quite decent to be honest- the chicken especially left me impressed. Dessert followed next- I'd say leave everything aside and go for the Churros con Chocolate here. It is a classic item that hasn't been messed up here.



I also had classic margarita and Mexican basil smash for drinks. The basil one is an interesting drink that certainly deserves a serving!

The best part about the meal, however, were the three palette cleansing 'shots' served- lemon chia, tamarind water and guava mint. Fabulous! All three of them!

The problem with La Bodega is that it promises a lot and performs underwhelming. Certainly not a bad place, it is ok for a visit. I just wish the smashing interiors were matched by an equally smashing serving. I came out with a slight grin, not a full-blown happy smile!

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