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Letters to the Editor: November 5, 2017

Letters to the Editor Business Today Magazine

Serving the Useful Purpose for B-schools

This refers to your special issue on India's Best B-schools (October 22). It is a great compilation of important parameters like placement records, infrastructural facilities, and technological upgradation. The ranking process should also take into account factors like tie-ups with well known industrial houses, on-the-job training programmes, an emotional quotient versus intelligence quotient analysis through scientific evaluative tests, etc. Moreover, in today's changing job market scenario, prompt acquisition of new skills by the students needs to be focused as well. However, some colleges have not participated in your survey. But for a country which has had a history of management education of over six decades, it is unfortunate that no Indian business school is anywhere near the top 10 global institutions measured by various rankings. But ultimately, such surveys serve one useful purpose for the B-schools - that is as a tool for marketing and advertising their standing in the educational field vis-a-vis other competitors. Kudos to your entire team for doing a great job.

J.S. Broca, New Delhi

A Winning Game for the IIMs?

This refers to a column by Rama Bijapurkar on Indian Institutes of Management (Autonomy and After, October 22). The IIMs have always been a battleground of knowledge and power. Over the years, the governments at Centre have always tried to control the premier business institution. But now, as the IIMs are set to get more freedom, after decades-old fight, its entire ecosystem may move to the next level, giving importance to its local and geographical factors. But will the IIM boards take ownership and responsibility in the long run? Hope the new Bill will liberate the IIMs and bring them the glory of a vast knowledge arena of business in the world.

S.P. Chaudhary, Bhubaneswar


Cell Power

This refers to a piece in your Personal Tech column (The Best Yet, Oct 22). No doubt Samsung makes an impressive comeback with its Galaxy Note 8. But will it be able to compete with iPhone?

Biswranjan Mishra, Gurgaon

New Faces and Old Faces

This refers to your special issue on the Most Powerful Women in Business (October 8). The edition had a landmark roster, and I was especially touched by the Impact Women. We rarely come across women who have so determinedly pursued their missions - from funding social enterprises to fighting human trafficking to spreading education to working for the green cause. Their journey is critically important in a world controlled by power, profit and gender intolerance. However, the other list of business women was a tad tired. One finds those veterans and business heiresses gracing almost every publication. If you must, put them under a classic category. But there must be a whole new bunch of great businesswomen and next-gen leaders doing awesome work and never getting heard. Bring them into the limelight because what matters most is the work they are doing and not necessarily their companies' balance sheets.

Kajari Sur, Noida

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