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"Our experiences shape us and make us, and they have a profound effect on our world view as leaders."


Q. The biggest challenge you faced in your career

A. The big changes in Indian rules and regulations pose a tough challenge. At times, the decisions are not based on scientific data; they are taken as short-term measures to address issues without any deep thought. However, the regulations are moving in the right direction in line with global standards. I am looking forward to speedy and successful implementation so that we can be a part of India's progress.

Q. Your best teacher in business

A. The experiences I had along the journey, especially the bad ones. Those are certainly lessons learnt, but most importantly, they teach you to be stronger, kinder and more patient. While we celebrate successes, it is equally important to learn from failures. Our experiences shape us, make us and have a profound effect on our world view as leaders. My biggest happiness is that Toyota allows us to fail in order to improve.

Q. One key management lesson for young people

A. Making profit is crucial for any business, but we should also work towards giving back to the society and leaving a legacy. Always have a noble cause instead of just pursuing profit, benefit or advantage.

Q. Two essential qualities a leader must have

A. Discipline is an essential quality. Only a leader with immense discipline could demonstrate grace under pressure, reinforcing that he/she is in complete control in times of adversity. The other key quality is integrity. Your team will not follow you unless you have won their trust. A good leader is always honest, sincere and ethical even in the most unfavourable situations.

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