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Our monthly pick of apps for tablets

Our monthly pick of apps for tablets

Our monthly pick of apps for tablets
Trapit for iPad (Free)
By Trapit
This content discovery app makes a magazine out of your news feeds on Twitter and Facebook. It also lets you create traps using keywords, while also suggesting new Trapit ideas based on your preference. You can also create random Trapits or very specific themes. There are also featured traps, which work more like a news aggregator with the popular sections like business and technology. However, the featured list is heavily loaded towards the US.

Cooliris (Free)
By Cooliris, Inc
Cooliris has been around for a while and has been very popular on the Firefox browser for its ability to present picture searches as a flip though image wall. The Cooliris app, thankfully, does much more. Yes, it does the image search bit too. But then it brings the picture wall concept also to your Facebook images, Instagram and camera roll. You can also drag and drop pictures to Facebook conversations. But the app has issues when it is online and has very limited offline features. Still, it is good fun.

Hungry Fish (Free)
By Motion Math
Now, this is a wonderful way to teach your kids numbers and some simple mathematics. The fish appears on screen with a number marked on its body, the player has to drag bubbles with the same number to its mouth. As digits that add up to the number appear, the player can drag the bubbles together to get the added figure and feed it to the fish. Similarly, there are options for subtraction and negative numbers, which appear only in the paid upgrade. The environment of the fish can also be tweaked, even as the fish becomes bigger and beautiful as sums.

Skill Game ($2.99)
By Good Games UG
Remember the paper games you used to play at the back of class? Well, now you can do the same on your tablet with the Skill Game app. Sadly, there is just one of these games available right now. However, the game is available with varied levels of difficulty and modes.

Line Brush (Free)
By NAVER Japan Corporation
The sketch apps are getting better and better. But at this point Line Brush seems to be the best of the free apps because of the whole host of brushes (27 of them) and paint options that it provides for free. Others too have many options, but give out just a handful as free. We also likes this app because of its natural feel, especially when you try and mix colors on the canvas. There are some glitches while saving the pages though.

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