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Hungama is working on movie books concept: Neeraj Roy

Hungama Digital Media Entertainment MD & CEO Neeraj Roy talks about the company's innovative plans for the music industry in the future.

Hungama Digital Media Entertainment MD & CEO Neeraj Roy

Hungama Digital Media Entertainment MD & CEO Neeraj Roy

Due to the transition from a voice to a device economy there is a lot of content consumption happening. It could be coming to the consumers in a search and seek form.

A lot of this comes as part of the telco ecosystem, but we are seeing the first signs of alternate billing environments emerge. The mobile ecosystem has tremendous amount of scale and has a micro-transaction economy which in a market like ours is very interesting.

How the device economy is opening up is also equally exciting. But we are not big believers in the ad-funded economy and would like this market to be built around a transaction economy - either the consumer paying or others structured ways like couponing or loyalty redemption.

We have not been shy on innovation in pricing. Two years back when we introduced a price point of a rupee for a song, the content companies were up in arms. But we knew it was the right thing to do as we needed to give consumers a sense that there was a better alternative to pirating.

After success of our new mobile app, we are now working on innovative concepts like movie books. It would be like an interactive trailer that uses the elements of a device like touch and narrates a story in interactive audio-visual pages.

MD & CEO, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment
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