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How to click a selfie

With the big selfie revolution, there's no option but to look your best. Here's a primer on how to ace it.

Nail The Photogenic Look

With the big selfie revolution, there's no option but to look your best. It's no secret that out of 20 clicks, you can manage one dashing photo if you're lucky. You may or may not be a paparazzi target, but it's not that hard to pull off that photo-ready look. Armed with this primer, you can shame your photogenic friends out of their smugness.

EMBRACE THE CAMERA: The camera enhances your posture; make a conscious effort to not stand awkwardly or slouch. Keep a happy thought handy, and use it every time someone approaches you with a camera. Straighten your shoulders and put on a genuine smile. It's much better than the plastered grin. If you're particularly conscious about your gums showing, try a three-quarter smile. Remember to push the tip of your tongue against the inside of your teeth.

ANGLE YOUR BODY: A flattering full-on square shot is hard to pull off. Always aim for profile shots. One side of your face tends to look better in photographs than the other. Once you've identified it, angle the other side of your body 40 degrees away from the camera and put your weight on your back foot. Rest the arm away from the camera on your hip. For solo shots, sitting poses often work better over standing ones. Aim your eyes at a point just above the camera.

BE PREPARED: You have to be quick with this one. Breathe in, close your eyes for a second and open them just before the click. This prevents a mid-photo blink and gives you a bright-eyed look to complement that killer smile (you should've perfected that by now).

AVOID BRIGHT LIGHT: Harsh daylight makes you squint, causing your face to look puffy. It instinctively makes you dip your head, giving rise to the much-hated double chin. It also accentuates less-than-flattering features like a broad forehead. If it's an outdoor photo, position yourself so as to avoid the full brunt of the glare.

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