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Key grooming tips for men

Check out some useful grooming tips from makeup and grooming expert Ishika Taneja.

Groom that look

Makeup and grooming expert Ishika Taneja on looking your best every single day

Protect your Skin

It's time you stopped pinching your better half's cleanser just because it's got that lovely, heady smell of strawberry. Try a deep-pore revitalising face wash to remove dirt and grime. Also, bigger skin pores mean staying away from a toner or astringent. Follow this up with a sunscreen with SPF and PA+++ properties to protect the skin from sun damage, and a skin rejuvenating cream in the winter.

Experiment with your Hair

George Clooney may look good with the salt-and-pepper hair, but it may not necessarily work with you. Take advantage of your youth; there's no harm in flaunting your style and doing your hair with streaks of brown and burgundy. If you are the experimental kind, give your hair-do a revamp with a disconnection cut or spikes. Bold haircuts bring out the best in hair colour.

Do visit the Spa

When you visit the spa, it shows. There will be an almost intangible glow to your skin, which adds to the well-turned-out look. With pedicures, hair spas and facials to pick from, go all out and pamper yourself. After all, you can never spoil your skin enough.

Shave only if you Must

You can never go wrong with a clean-shaven look. However, with professional spaces becoming increasingly dynamic by the day, it's absolutely acceptable to nurture a goatee or a soul patch. Go by the thumb rule that the shape of your face dictates the type of beard you should keep. A slight stubble is also good for the workplace, but you might want to shave if you're headed to a particularly important meeting.

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