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Grand Theft Auto V made double of highest-grossing Hollywood, Bollywood movies combined

GTA V has sold 90 million copies since its release.

Grand Theft Auto V made double of highest-grossing Hollywood, Bollywood movies combined

There was a time when playing video games invariably meant slumping in the couch trying to make Mario rescue the princess while dodging all the mother's chivvies to do something productive. Needless to say, that time is long gone. Video games have been revolutionised by avid gamers to the point that it has become a profession and there's an entire ecosystem around it. So, it must not come as a surprise for people in the know that the popular game Grand Theft Auto's fifth title has earned a whopping USD 6 billion till now.

The game, GTA V, has sold 90 million copies since its release in 2013. Rockstar Games, the publisher of GTA V released the game across all platforms including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

To put its success in perspective, so far the game with its enviable collection has earned more than the highest-grossing Hollywood and Bollywood movies combined. The highest-grossing Hollywood movie is the 2009 blockbuster Avatar that earned USD 2.78 billion, while closer home Aamir Khan's Dangal tops the list with USD 330 million.

The highest-grossing Hollywood movie of the year GTA V was released was Frozen. It had collected USD 1.29 billion worldwide. Dhoom 3 was the highest-grossing Bollywood movie that year with a worldwide collection of USD 101 million.

While the lifespan of a movie in terms of money making is shorter than perhaps of a popular video game, it must be mentioned that Dangal that released in 2016 but is still running in theatres across the world has a long way to go before it catches up with GTA V.

Some of the most loved Bollywood and Hollywood movies of all time fall short of what GTA V has managed to earn - even with their earnings adjusted according to the year. And while chances of stumbling across a movie buff is as common as spotting a car on a road, the gaming community perhaps is like an iceberg, with only the tip visible.


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