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Slip on Google's radical new glasses and bring your world to life

Slip on Google's radical new glasses and bring your world to life.

Through the Google Glass
Every year, Time magazine compiles a list of the boldest and coolest inventions to impact the world. From priceless but lowprice-tag innovations to others that cost millions, this power-packed group captures inventions that are gamechangers.

Google Glass, Google's augmented reality eyewear project has won a worthy spot this year. By 2014, this device promises to make augmented reality part of our daily lives.

The tech giant's headset has already been released to developers and will be in the market for general sale by 2014, priced at $1,500 (Rs 80,000). The device incorporates a speaker, microphone, computer display and forward-facing camera, and enables users to video chat, surf the internet, take photographs, check email, and make and receive phone calls through voice and gesture commands.

Simply put, Google Glass integrates a computer into the frame of a pair of spectacles. Wherever the wearer looks, information specific to his field of vision will be presented in a non-intrusive manner on the lens.

This includes historical anecdotes about landmarks, the quickest route to the nearest subway station, or reviews of restaurants lining that street. You can even video-chat or share data with friends and family while on the go. These ordinary-looking glasses are going to change the way you view the world. All you need to do is put them on.

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