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How Google search engine works

The response to your queries by Google search may wow you by being almost instantaneous, but there are many processes taking place in milliseconds.

How Google search engine works
1. The user sitting in front of a computer types out a search term (keyword or query) on through the Web browser.

2. As the search term is being typed, Google tries to complete the query based on the closest matching search terms entered by Google users around the world.

3. After "Enter"ing the search term, the query hits Google's Index Servers, which are thousands and thousands of server farms located around the globe that house a record of every single Web page on the Internet. Index Servers employ the help of software programs called "Spiders", which 'crawl' through websites and index their information.

4. Using Google's patented Page Rank technology, the top 10 search results for the keyword or query are identified. Search result snippets and headlines are determined at the document server level.

5. Google's Ad Servers are its online empire's bread and butter. As the Document Server concludes with the top 10 search results, Ad Servers determine the closest matching keywords that are bid on Google AdWords and prepare the results to be displayed on the top and right side of the search page. But the search page isn't final yet.

6. Within a fraction of a second, the Document Server's top 10 search results are displayed on your Web browser. Images, News, Videos are placed in the left-most column of the search result page.

As Google prepares to display the search result page, it also checks with Facebook and Twitter to see if people are talking socially about the search query. Depending on the order of importance, relevance, and recency, Facebook and Twitter updates may or may not appear on the final Google search result page. In a parallel process, Images, News updates, Blog posts, Videos, Books or Places related to the search query are also finalised to appear in the resulting Google Search Page.
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