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Biggest competition in India is customer, says GoDaddy India MD

GoDaddy India VP & MD Rajiv Sodhi says the biggest challenge in the Indian market is to convince the customer about the need for a web presence.

GoDaddy India VP & MD Rajiv Sodhi

GoDaddy India VP & MD Rajiv Sodhi

The Internet is a key driver of business growth, and we want Indians to understand how easy it is to build presence online.

This is a nascent market, but the 150 million Internet users make us the third-largest market. On the other hand, India is one of the largest SMB markets with around 40 million companies. But we have less than half-a-million websites.

GoDaddy is the world's largest domain name registrar and the largest platform for small businesses to create online presence. We have over 11 million paying customers worldwide and manage 55 million domains.

In 2011, we identified going international as one of the key strategies and identified India as one of the key markets. Since Indian customers are not that mature in IT and more support is needed here, we opened a customer care centre in Hyderabad.

We also have local payment and locally popular payment methods like net banking. But the biggest competition in India is the customer. The biggest challenge here is convincing him about the need for a web presence.

We want to dispel the notion that getting a web presence is expensive and complex.

For the first time globally, we are helping customers set up an online presence. We have people in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad going to SMB clusters and talking to customers about creating a web presence.

If they are convinced, we set up a domain, a website and an email along with Google Adwords. All this comes at a very affordable Rs 580 per year.

VP & MD, GoDaddy India
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