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They are saying it will help your girlfriend pin you down when you lie about how many bottles of beer you quaffed off last night. But it could as well be the decider in the competition with your ale-guzzling buddy. The Beer Tracker, a plastic bottle opener with an LCD screen, displays how many bottles have been opened to put all debates to rest. This latest among kitchen gizmos, which is retailing for 4.95 pounds, has a battery built into the handle. The counter can be reset at a touch of a button.

How you use is how you are
Using the Internet more randomly is an indication that users may be suffering from depression. According to a study led by Sriram Chellappan at Missouri University of Science and Technology, depressed people tend to have browsing habits that differ from others, like switching often between applications. By the way, researchers also say people are more truthful if they are asked questions via texting than in voice interviews.
If you thought 3G was fast, think how much faster Web access speed would be if it was 20 times faster. Huawei has launched the first LTE WiFi product, the E5776. It allows download speeds up to 150 Mbps and supports 10 devices simultaneously connected to an LTE network. In practice, it would mean downloading a 1GB hi-def movie in less than a minute.

For camera makers it's a time to be claiming, "My mirrorless camera is better than yours." Canon too has finally capitulated to the new technology. The company has just announced the new EOS M, its first mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera with a point-and-shoot design. It has a 18-megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS image sensor and two optional lenses. It is expected on shop shelves in October and will be priced around $800, body only.

2,500: the number of hours of visual programming created during the two weeks of the olympic games in london. viewers had access to 24 live feeds on television and the internet.
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