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The newest pit stop

Gastronomica, which is situated on the Satya Paul, Benetton side of the market attempts to create a destination restaurant.

The Newest Pit Stop

It is not a market that has traditionally been known for good food but that perception is now changing.

The Greater Kailash part 1, M block market is a shopping haven and as you browse through the fare on offer, hunger is likely to strike.

Gastronomica, which is situated on the Satya Paul, Benetton side of the market attempts to create a destination restaurant and does not play the lunch and dinner deals game that most others in this market have resorted to to keep sales up.

The owner of the space, Sumit Goyal, takes great pride in his self-crafted menu and is happy to steer you through it.

The decor is simple (yes the sofas have faux leather backs but it does not look jarring), with interesting accents in the form of a blackboard with fun lines sprawled on it and an installation using used beer bottles. Smokers also have a designated space where they can puff and eat!

The drinks are served in large jars, the tableware is quirky and the menu itself experimental.

The multi-cuisine tag works well for a place like Gastronomica, but unlike most places sporting the label, the menu has been carefully curated to include a fine selection of dishes.

Begin with the quinoa bhel which is inventive and healthy.

While it is a tad salty (you can request your server to keep salt low) it works well as a starter and has elements of chaat and quinoa that render it interesting.


We also tried the cranberry chicken salad which missed the mark, with the pieces of chicken being too large and tough and the dressing a bit greasy and heavy.

Move onto the Jamaican jerk chicken skewers which have the right punch and really whet the appetite, or the tandoori quail which is marinated in spices and yoghurt and leaves you licking your fingers.

I would skip the Asian part of the menu and go straight to the other interesting dishes like the espresso pan fried chicken breast which was amazing.

I am not a coffee fan and I almost never order chicken breast in restaurants because it is always overcooked, but at Gastronomica, it hit the spot and was beautifully cooked, without the coffee undertone overpowering the dish.

The tenderloin medallions were surprisingly dish with creamy mash and a pink peppercorn sauce to accompany it. All restaurants love to sell the molten chocolate cake and the version you eat here is great.


There is much to choose from at this restaurant. You can have a pizza from their wood fire oven, an Oriental meal, Indian, and of course European food at Gastronomica.

What works is that they are not trying too hard to be different and play on the strengths on their kitchen staff to present a meal that's truly well priced and value for money.

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Tandoori Quail
Espresso pan fried chicken breast
Meal for two
Rs 1200 (taxes and alcohol extra)

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