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Game review: Pacific Rim

Based on the Pacific Rim movie, this one lacks a story and is all about action.

Pacific Rim
By Reliance Games
iOS & Android
Rs 288 (with in App purchasing)

Here is another official Bollywood blockbuster game from Reliance Games quick on the heels of the hugely successful Real Steel franchise. Based on the Pacific Rim movie, this one lacks a story and is all about action. So your character gets to fight one monster after the other for 30 rounds.

The game starts with impressive graphics, though the actual action scenes are a bit boring and repetitive. The movements of the robot as well as the monster, or Kaiju, kept reminding us of the Real Steel fights and that is a dampener for anyone who has played the earlier game. The lack of scenes and special effects is a constant reminder that this is a 250 MB game that could not pack in much. However, for action game buffs this game is a huge rush of adrenalin, while others won't be able to play more a couple of rounds at one go.

You have all the usual blows and swipes as well as some great defensive moves. Irritatingly, the game keeps prompting you to parry when under attack. Maybe there are people who need that kind of handholding, but I doubt if it works for those who paid so much to buy this game.

There are a bunch of in-app purchases you can opt for to kill the monsters quickly. But then this is already a pricey game, especially when considering that it is not all that visually stunning.

Bag it or junk it: Pricey, can be repetitive

Gadgets & Gizmos Rating: 4/5 Stars

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