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Game review: BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite has actually managed to be a better game than its previous versions. The graphics and the sound effects married together up the ante.

Bioshock Infinite Rs 999 (PC)

The Bioshock franchise returns after three years with what seems like a big gamble from the gamemakers. Infinite is about Booker Dewitt, who is trying to pay off his gambling debt, by heading off to Columbia and bringing back Elizabeth. Columbia is a metropolis in the skies and is set in 1912. The game dares you to venture through the idea of what would happen if religion, politics and racial discrimination were mixed together. Even though Dewitt doesn't agree to this school of thought, he realised the best thing is to blend in the shadows and finish his task. Unfortunately, nothing is ever so simple. So he ends up having an altercation after winning a raffle and finds himself on top of the most wanted list.

PLEASING TO THE EYES: Unlike Rapture where everything took place in an underwater city, Columbia is all about freshness with different colours. BioShock has consciously stayed away from the dark and sinister look, which is good though it blunts the shock factor. The architecture is worth a mention as it does make you stop and admire the gorgeous graphics. The lifelike faces of the characters, especially Elizabeth, is sheer brilliance at work. You can understand her feelings by just looking at face and that for a game is amazing. The narration, marvellous backdrops and the story, itself, make the journey interactive and believable. What makes it a challenge is that nothing is truly black or white.

PLOT THICKENS:BioShock is a first person shooting game, but you also get to use supernatural powers which keep things interesting. There is never a dull moment when you use vigours which give the power to throw fire at the bad guys or turn them against each other. My favourite is when you charge towards them and blow them to smithereens. The game play is on the lines of the previous BioShock titles with additional twists. The fun part begins when you use the alternative way to hang around the city by using the sky hook to skyline rails. The skyhook doubles up as a drilling weapon. Once you find Elizabeth, she will accompany you in your journey. Have no fear, for she can kick some serious butt and helps you in many ways.

VERDICT:BioShock Infinite has actually managed to be a better game than its previous versions. The graphics and the sound effects married together up the ante. The star of the game is the moral plus violent script.

BAG IT OR JUNK IT? Beautiful Columbia graphics, but an excess of blood and gore

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