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Gadgets and Gizmos resolves tech queries of its readers:

Gadgets and Gizmos resolves tech queries of its readers:

Gadgets and Gizmos resolves tech queries of its readers:

Q. I am confused whether I should get a broadband connection with a Wi -Fi router or buy new-age Wi -Fi devices. I need to connect my laptop, tablet and smartphone to Wi-Fi . What should I opt for between the two? Kritika, on email
G&G: If you wish to use all these three devices only at home then you should consider getting a broadband connection along with a Wi-Fi router. If you need Internet connectivity on the move for the laptop and tablet, then consider buying a portable Wi-Fi device from any carrier. The only drawback of the latter is the connectivity and speed over the broadband connection.

Q. I am planning to buy OnePlus One and am confused between the 16GB variant and 64GB variant. Which one should I go for and why? Anuj, on email
G&G: Internal storage on a smartphone is very important. OnePlus One doesn't have an expandable memory card slotl it has only internal storage. I will suggest you to pick the 64GB variant so that you do not run out of memomy quickly when you start loading data on your phone. In most Android smartphones, of 16GB internal storage, only 12GB is user accessible. Also, the storage will quickly because, with increasing megapixel count of the camera, the image size of each picture is between 2MB and 4MB.

Q: Should I buy a 3D TV (Sony 42 inches) or a 4k TV (Samsung 40 inches)? Chirayu Sharma, on email
G&G: Considering you are investing in a flat-panel TV now, you will not change or upgrade your TV for next five years. If budget is not a constrain, I will suggest you to go for a 4k TV as it is future ready. After full HD, the world has now started talking about 4k resolution. In next couple of years, 4k will take the place of full HD when it comes to content. And for playing 4k content, you need to have a 4k TV.

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