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Gadgets and Gizmos experts answers your tech queries

Gadgets and Gizmos experts answers your tech queries.

Q. I plan to buy an iPhone but I am confused between the iPhone 5s and the upcoming iPhone 6? My budget is Rs 50,000. Kindly suggest. Amit, on email

A. The price of the iPhone 5S has already dropped to Rs 42,500. Chances are that, with the iPhone 6 launch, it might come down further. However, it is unlikely that the iPhone 6 will be priced under Rs 50,000. The iPhone 5S was launched for Rs 53,500 and the iPhone 6 is likely to cross that mark.

Q. Motorola has launched the new Moto G in India. Does it mean that the older one will be discontinued or will it witness a price drop? When will the new Moto X come to India? Kritka Garg, on email

A. Yes, Motorola has launched the new Moto G and announced its plan to bring the new Moto X in India by the end of this month. The new Moto G 16GB variant is priced Rs 1,000 less than the predecessor, which makes the new Moto G a good buy at Rs 12,999. Motorola plans to discontinue the older models as they run out of stock. At the moment, the older generation Moto G is out of stock on Flipkart.

Q. Is the Tata Photon Max WiFi a good WiFi Dongle? Or is there any other dongle offering better speed?Karan, on email

A. Airtel, Vodafone, MTS and Idea have also launched their WiFi Dongles. While the Tata Photon Max WiFi works smoothly in a few locations, there is a major speed issue and connection drop with the network. I will suggest you to consider Airtel as it offers highspeed data without any connection issues.

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