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Tips for frequent fliers: VIP service at Heathrow, 3D headsets and more

Time is luxury. Heathrow's VIP service makes every moment count as it completes your immigration in a jiffy.

Frequent Flier

Time is luxury. Heathrow's VIP service makes every moment count as it completes your immigration in a jiffy

The pamper routine starts at the airport itself. Heathrow airport now offers travellers flying Business and First Class across airlines the ultimate in personalised service, at a cost of course. With this feature, checking-in, security check and immigration formalities are completed while you're relaxing in the lounge. You also have the option of asking for a two-way airport transfer and a chauffeur-driven car drops you right at the steps of your aircraft. The service was till now limited to dignitaries and heads of state and was rolled out for discerning fliers following a survey where an overwhelming number said value-services are preferable to frill features. If a customer wants more, it would have to be the Personal Shopper. Providing guidance through brands and stores, they help you with styling, size and gifting tips. After all, choosing from 400 brands is tricky enough.

Prices start at GBP 2,000 + VAT for up to 3 persons for an arriving or departing flight, as well as those on flights connecting within 3 hours. Log onto for more



Could this be the future of in-flight entertainment? Long flights can be quite tedious, and only the best seats, food and entertainment can remedy that. But if you happen to be travelling by Qantas, there is an option to escape the flight entirely by donning virtual reality headsets. Qantas, Australia's flagship air carrier, has tied up with Samsung to offer first class passengers Gear VR headsets that can be used to watch Hollywood blockbusters in a realistic 3-D environment. Qantas is also working closely with production company Jaunt to develop live-action content, including footage of the destination the flight is headed to.

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