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A flow of global news in pacy bits

A flow of global news in pacy bits

Well, if you like some things, there are bound to be others that you dislike. And while Mark Zuckerberg would have his social networking site amenable only to "likes", Dean Terry of EnemyGraph took a more realistic view and has come up with a "enemy" tab for Facebook to vent your dislike of someone or something. And here's news: the most popular "Enemy" so far is Justin Bieber. But he is not the only worthy in the negative list. Others include President Barack Obama, Hip Hop music, and the Twilight movie series.

$23.9 MILLION is the investment Microsoft and Nokia are making in a mobile applications development programme called AppCampus at Helsinki's Aalto University in a bid to catch up with Apple and Android.

You know about the virtual poke you give a somnolent friend on Facebook. How would it be to really jolt the dormant species into online activity? Well. you actually could, with this creation of Jasper van Loenen and Bartholomaus Traubeck. To bring a poke to life, you need to strap this gadget on and feel the jabs all day long. The little box connect via Wi-Fi to Facebook and converts all pokes into annoying, real whacks.

For long the TV viewer has been the stereotype of inactivity, the derisively dismissed "couch potato". Now he looks set to go places. That is if the things that the boffins at Cupertino and Redmond have conceived of become reality. Apple is believed to be working on a television set for release later this year. And when Apple does things, it shakes things out of the sofa.

So you could well have a TV set that responds to your iPhone, iPad or even your voice. Which shouldn't scare the guys at Microsoft, for they are also reported to be finalising the integration of the Kinect motion-gamer with television. The XBox console will become the hub of your entertainment (it already has services like ESPN, cable and satellite programming on XBox Live). And with Kinect for Windows likely to support a "seated 10-joint skeletal tracking system", you can imagine the uses it could be put to for the TV viewer.

$3 BILLION was the amount spent by advertisers in the US online, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers. This includes $818 million for mobile ads. While the Net got more money than print or radio, the largest share still went to television.

Flexible is not an adjective solely to be used for gymnasts and liberal thinkers. It is increasingly becoming a part of the modern tech world. After Samsung showcased its flexible screen technology recently (leading optimists to think that the coming Galaxy SIII would sport a flexible display…no, it will not), Max Borhof, an industrial designer from Germany, came up with his own foldable phone. The size of the Samsung Galaxy Note, Borhof's phone can be folded and pocketed with ease, which is more than you can say for the Note or other awkwardly sized devices.
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