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WHAT: Conference on Make in India, Make in Steel

WHEN: March 7, Ludhiana

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The steel sector contributes nearly 2 per cent of the country's GDP and employs over 6 lakh people. The industry has been growing at about 8 percent over the last decade. The CII conference will focus on how Indian steel makers can allay apprehension among the user industries on their ability to meet the expected quantity and quality requirements.


WHAT: National Conference on Bond Market

WHEN: March 7, New Delhi

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Assocham in association with SEBI is organising a series of conferences in corporate hubs at Kolkata, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Ahmedabad to discuss various nuances of the bond markets. The goal is to ensure sustainable growth of the bond market in India over the long term.



WHAT: National FMCG Summit

WHEN: March 8, Mumbai

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The last few quarters have been challenging for FMCG companies given the adverse macroeconomic environment, erratic monsoon and potential shifts in consumer spending patterns. The CII summit will debate ways to bring the FMCG sector back on a growth trajectory.


WHAT: Conference on Government Social Security Programmes in Asia

WHEN: March 7-9, Jakarta, Indonesia

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Economic growth has also led to longer lifespans and greater demand for quality health care services. The meet, organised by the Asian Development Bank, will focus on the need for governments to prepare and create robust systems in anticipation of the inevitable shift in the demographic configuration.



WHAT: Conference on Empowering SMEs through Improved Financial Access

WHEN: March 14-15, Bangkok, Thailand

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The meet will explore ways to boost increase capital and start-up finance for SMEs. The objective is to promote financial access to SMEs and start-up businesses.


WHAT: National Seminar on International Tax and Transfer Pricing

WHEN: March 17, Mumbai

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Rising demands by tax administrations across the globe have led multinational corporates to structure their growth plans. Several settled tax concepts are being tested and newer ones are being put in place. The Assocham seminar aims to equip corporate tax and finance professionals with a better understanding of the evolving scenario in international tax and transfer pricing.



WHAT: World Bank Land and Poverty Conference 2017

WHEN: March 20-24, Washington DC

WHAT: The Land and Poverty conference will present the latest research and practice on the diversity of reforms, interventions, and innovations in the land sector around the world. The focus is on the role of data and evidence for realising land policy reform, identify strategies for working at scale and monitoring achievements.

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