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Business Today readers feedback on magazine's coverage

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Harnessing Solar Power

This refers to your excellent cover story The 100 GW Headache (May 10). The prime minister's strategy needs to be appreciated in view of the benefits of solar energy. That it would take seven years to reach the target is understandable, considering the size of our country. The scope for harnessing solar power in India is immense. Solar cells have many diverse applications, from handheld computers to earth-orbiting satellites and remote radio telephones. Ordinary households can save a great deal if they go solar for all their electrical needs. - J.S. Broca, New Delhi

Telcos Must Cut Internet Tariffs

This refers to the article Fighting for Access (May 10). The debate on Net neutrality shows how businesses play against the public and national interest. Today, Internet is a must for the country's development in all spheres. However, due to high tariffs, a very low percentage of the population uses the Internet. Public sector BSNL and MTNL must provide a hassle-free service at nominal charges while private service providers must cut their tariffs. - Mahesh Kapasi, New Delhi

No Right to Monopolise

The article Fighting for Access offers a dispassionate review of the problems in ensuring Net neutrality. Telecom companies speak of level-playing ground and seek the fullest fruition of globalisation but sprout their lips to netizens for partaking of the progressive developments in the Internet arena. The companies have a responsibility to stimulate economic growth. They don't have any right to monopolise the market. - B. Rajasekaran, Bangalore

Bank-Corporate Nexus?

This refers to the article Wrecked by Debt (April 26). I have always wondered how the rich industrialists of India can borrow thousands of crores from banks and lead luxurious lifestyles even after they default on their loans, yet a simple farmer in some remote corner of the country has to end his life if he is unable to repay his loan. The banks which lend the most are state-run. Is there a nexus between the banks and industrialists? - M.I. Choudhury, Dibrugarh


"Trai website hacked over Net neutrality row." Why Chairman of TRAI didn't take precautionary steps before releasing the e-mails? Is he literate or illiterate? - Muthu Karuppann, @karuppann

"Need to revisit Anti-corruption Act provisions, says FM." Whatever changes are brought in, should leave no scope for human interference/bribery. - Dr Narain Rupani, @DrRupani

"@narendramodi donates a month's salary to PM's National Relief Fund." Plz donate all the black money stacked abroad. Swiss will agree to give. - Shatrughan Prasad, @shatruk125

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