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Transporters demand bringing petro products under GST ambit

Kolkata, May 22 (PTI) Transporter bodies today demanded bringing petroleum products under the ambit of the Goods and Services Tax, amid a continuing rise in fuel prices across the country.

In last nine days, petrol price has risen by Rs 2.24 a litre and diesel by Rs 2.15. Rates vary from state to state depending on the incidence of local sales tax or VAT.

"As an immediate step, we are urging the government to reduce excise duty to offer some price relief," All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) secretary general Naveen Kumar Gupta told PTI.

He said AIMTC is in favour of bringing auto fuels into the GST fold for uniformity in prices across the country, and quarterly revision of fuel prices instead of the existing daily change.

AIMTC, the apex body of truckers and transport vehicles of the country, had yesterday called for an indefinite strike from July 20 in the wake of the sharp fuel price rise.

A Bengal Truckers body official said it will join the proposed strike.

A senior official of private bus operators body, Bengal Bus Syndicate, said it was expecting a meeting with the government by the end of this month regarding a revision in fares. PTI BSM RBT RBT RBT

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