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A flow of global news in pacy bits

A flow of global news in pacy bits

The big big picture
What if you have to first take a general picture and then narrow down to the exact scene you want framed? Could be possible soon. Duke University in the US has created a 1 gigapixel camera (in other words, a 1000 MP imager) using 100 microcameras placed in a spherical orientation. These take 100 accurately focused photos, which are then stitched by a computer into a composite picture. Called Aware-2, the camera currently takes only black-and-white images. But it is not ready for consumer use yet. At 45 kg and with the dimensions of an office laser printer, it certainly cannot be lugged around by a casual photographer. It also takes about 18 seconds to shoot a frame and record the data on a disk.

Soft Wars
We heard of the Stuxnet virus that marred Iran's nuclear systems. Now Iran has come up with video games as part of its technocultural war against the West. With names like Attack on Tel Aviv and The Stressful Life of Salman Rushdie, you won't need grey cells to know what the games are all about. There are around 140 such games officially sanctioned and in circulation in Iran.

Driving Off Track
A study by Lancaster University and the University of London says that using satellite navigation systems can actually impair driving ability. Apparently, too much navigation information makes drivers speed, swerve and fail to notice pedestrians. The study revealed that drivers tended to concentrate on instructions being given by the navigators instead of focusing on the road ahead of them.

Year when then Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said, "Within five years, I predict that the tablet PC will be the most popular form of a computer." Having so pronounced, it took Gates' company 10 years to develop its tablet into the device as we know it today, launching the Surface in June 2012. In comparison, Apple came up with the iPad in 2010 and changed the dynamics of the computer world.
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