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10 must-haves in any man's closet this summer

An established fashion powerhouse, a rising fashion designer and a famous fashion stylist get together to give you the 10 must-haves in any man's closet. This summer, get down to the basics.

Summer Essentials

Sorting out the basics is the first step to establishing a fashionable wardrobe. To sort out any possible confusion, we've got the jury laying down the verdict for you. There's ace designer Manish Malhotra who's dressed every possible celebrity in the country, Gautam Kalra known for his styling work in fashion magazines and brand portfolios and Josh Goraya, a fast-rising name in fashion who's got everyone's attention. The three men know everything there is to know about men and all their fashion needs.


  1. Classic Watch: There's no better accessory than a classic watch on a man's wrist. Period. Availability Johnson Watches Co, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.
  2. Sneakers: Trendy sneakers are your break away from formal shoes and your entry to casual chic. Availability All Christian Louboutin stores nationwide.
  3. Duffel Bag: Big enough to carry all your belongings and smart enough to not look staid. Availability All Louis Vuitton stores nationwide
  4. White button down shirt: It's a classic that works equally well under a suit and with a pair of jeans. Availability All Burberry stores nationwide.
  5. Beige Chinos: Beige is a great summer colour that lets you brighten up things without going in-your-face. Availability All Gucci stores nationwide.
  6. Black Jacket: Whether at work or evening soirees, trust a well-fitted black jacket to take care of everything else. Availability All Giorgio Armani stores nationwide.
  7. Black Oxford Shoes: The new way to wear formal shoes at work. And the best way possible. Availability All Salvatore Ferragamo stores nationwide.
  8. Crew Neck T-Shirt: Meant for days when dressing down is on the agenda. Best paired with a pair of jeans. Availability All Hugo Boss stores nationwide.
  9. Cotton Kurta: Living up to your tradition is fashionable too. Pair with jeans if not wanting to go all out. Availability All Anita Dongre stores nationwide.
  10. Regular fit black jeans: The darker your jeans, the better the look. Make sure the fit isn't skinny for that's just passe. Availability All Calvin Klein stores nationwide.


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