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Cover story | September 8, 2019

Selling Safety

Selling Safety

Faridabad-based Studds is leveraging its globally known brand and making strides in the premium segment

All About Timing

Shanti Overseas is expected to gain from the US-China trade war as demand for organic soyabean meal rises sharply

Going Beyond Product Engineering

Sasken is taking a step forward by venturing into new-age technologies like blockchain and machine learning

Collateral Free Credit

The government-promoted micro loan scheme 'Mudra' is a great help to first-time borrowers and existing entrepreneurs, but the risk of asset quality deterioration is rising

Beating The Odds

SMEs continue to navigate choppy waters with the help of technology and government initiatives

Growing Volumes

The cargo consolidator has been growing at a fast clip on the back of its innovative business model

Building Scale

The Indore-based tech firm may be small but has many fortune 500 companies as clients. next on agenda: going global

Small Steps To A Big Gain

The government and other lenders, including fintech firms, need to be more aggressive in MSME lending

How We Did It

The survey was carried out on both listed and unlisted companies with total revenues between Rs 10 crore and Rs 500 crore in 2017/18

September 8, 2019

Editor's Note


Small, Vulnerable But Beautiful

Despite the disruptions and problems, some SMEs have managed to perform exceptionally well in the past few years, and we take a look at them in this issue

Leadership Spotlight



Vivek Bhalla, Regional Vice President (South-west Asia), InterContinental Hotels Group, has spearheaded the group's strategic growth as well as the operational performance of 39 hotels across four brands

The Buzz


Angel (Tax), No More

The Central Board of Direct Taxes recently said if a start-up recognised by DPIIT is under limited scrutiny on angel tax, the contention of the start-up will be 'summarily' accepted by the assessing officer

Towards the Finish Line

Currently, construction of nearly 1,75,000 homes in 220 projects has been stalled due to lack of funds or clearances

Growth Spurt

The Portfolio Management Services (PMS) industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years as assets under management have grown manifold

Tighter Norms Hit IT Firms

While Indian IT service companies have been bracing for a tighter visa regimen worldwide, statistics compiled by non-profit policy research organisation, NFPA, shows visa rejection of firms touching an all time high

Shoring Up Onshore

Currency gyrations could be fatal for India, more so if the government goes ahead with issuing sovereign bonds overseas

Desperate Moves

According to a study by Elara Securities, FMCG companies, over the past year, are dumping their stock with distributors and retailers to report a higher volume growth

What Makes Them Tick

Move over Facebook, Twitter; brands are piggybacking TikTok for better engagement

Household Debt Trap

Policy push needed to correct the imbalance

Safeguard Duty Fails To Protect

It has been a year since a safeguard duty was imposed on imported solar panels, but the move has not helped

Climate Change Issues Matter

While the rainfall might look normal or near normal overall, such huge variations in the intensity of rainfall can be devastating economically and socially as is being witnessed by the loss of lives, livelihood and infrastructure including houses and roads in several parts of the country

Raining IT Jobs

Although most companies have emphasised extensive training to make new hires project deployable at the earliest, the hiring is also indicative of the depth of pipeline the companies are targeting

Wholesome To The Core

The Gurgaon-based company procures, processes and delivers farm-fresh and chemical-free meat, poultry and fish

The Hub


The Fire Fighter

How new CEO Ravneet Gill is managing troubles at the new-generation Yes Bank, where there is no end to asset quality surprises and capital levels are inadequate for future growth

In Reverse Gear

The automobile industry is in the middle of an unprecedented slowdown. With companies beginning to lay off workers, the worst is yet to come

Far From Reality

Abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A might excite investors, but for real investments to come in, Jammu and Kashmir regions will need major infrastructure buildup

Deleveraging The Empire

Reliance Industries has kicked off the process of reducing debt it took to fund telecom and petrochemical businesses

The New Bubble

There are over 300 co-working operators in India. Can they survive?

"There Is No Question Of Me Not Meeting The Deadline"

Punit Goenka, the 43-year-old Managing Director and CEO of Zee Entertainment, is fondly called 'Mr Positive' by his colleagues. In a conversation with BT's Ajita Shashidhar, he talks about how he has been approaching the debt crisis and his plans after he gets done with the repayment

The Big GST Hole

Why GST collections have been short of target. And why they may not pick up any time soon

The Break-Out Zone


Entertainment in 4K

The W1700M uses a 0.47 single-DMD DLP (digital light processing) projection system and features a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and a brightness of 2,000 ANSI Lumens

Value for Money

The design might have been inspired by the Samsung buds, but the Blaupunkt buds are big

Travelling At Sonic Speed

The Hyperloop is not just incredibly fast but also syncs with an automated traffic management system

Build It Like A Coder

You may not be a person who codes, but you can still create your very own 'skills' and 'actions' on Alexa and Google, and share it with the world

Setting Goals Beyond CSR

Companies that focus only on the '2 per cent mandate' but cannot find the balance for their core business could be driven to extinction

Money Today

Tech Upgrade

How to manage your money better by using latest apps and other digital upgrades

Guard Up!

As online hacking into personal and financial data becomes more sophisticated and invasive, take these steps to insure yourself against losses

Plan Wisely For Life Goals

The Sain family should liquidate one real estate asset and invest in aggressive hybrid equity funds, says Mumbai-based Financial Planner Pankaaj Maalde

A Cause For Cheer

The introduction of additional tax benefit in this year's Union Budget gives you more reasons to buy a home