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Cover story | September 22, 2019

Pain Of Debt

Pain Of Debt

Government, corporates and even households are deep in debt. In a slowing economy this could only escalate

Clear And Present Danger

The Centre's as well as the states' liabilities are rising at an alarming rate

Ballooning Danger

In a weakening economy, rising indebtedness could cause problems

Till Debt Do Us Part

Corporate India's interest outgo is growing faster than its operating income. As sectoral issues combine with a slowdown to pull down earnings, servicing debt could become more challenging

Debt, Set, Go

The economic wheels in India are already turning very slowly

September 22, 2019

Editor's Note


The Tyranny Of Debt

Debt is not a bad thing when used judiciously to build assets and grow a business. But if the cost of funds become higher than the value it is creating, it becomes a problem

Leadership Spotlight



He has been with the world's biggest brewer for over 15 years and headed business operations in Europe. In India, he has led the company's growth across several brands, including Beck's Ice and Budweiser

The Buzz


Heading for Truce

The fight, between IndiGo promoters Rakesh Gangwal and Rahul Bhatia, began early last year was settled with IndiGo adopting a new policy for related party transactions (RPTs), and increasing the board strength from six to 10

Time To Get Real

In the last week of August, the Indian Rupee depreciated to Rs 72 to a dollar, the lowest in nine months

Review And Restructure

The state governments are finding it difficult to cope with dipping prices in renewable energy and locking PPA for two decades

US Entry With Hooters

Oyo, along with Highgate, reportedly shelled out nearly $135 million to buy the Hooters Casino Hotel on the Las Vegas strip

Fight For Oil

Who owns the oil exploration assets of Videocon? Are those part of the insolvency resolution process?

Brands With A Social Voice

Taking a stand on sensitive issues is risky but necessary to win customer loyalty

Happy Ending

Big win as Jalan panel says revaluation reserves cannot be touched

Capitalising On Grey Areas

In the past couple of years, Amazon has made three investments in Indian retail companies through indirect routes

Core Problems Remain

The merger move is recognition of the fact that bigger banks have greater ability to absorb shock, reap economies of scale and raise resources without depending on the exchequer, says SBI Chief Rajnish Kumar

Unending Ordeal

The date for filing annual returns and GST audit for 2017/18 has again been extended - this time from 31 August to 30 November - due to 'technical' glitches

Breaking The Barrier Of Blindness

The Bengaluru-based company helps set up smart classes for the visually impaired

The Hub


Fixing The Slowdown

The Finance Minister has announced a mini-stimulus package to arrest the economic slowdown. But the economy needs much more than piecemeal solutions

Battle For Mumbai Airport

GVK is trying to retain its hold on its crown jewel, the Mumbai International Airport, even as the Adani Group eyes a stake in it. The battle has just begun

Plugging Into The Future

The onset of electric vehicles in India has opened up a billion-dollar industry in EV charging that is attracting companies from diverse sectors

The Pet Bet

Well-being of pets is serious business. And the action is just hotting up

India Could Establish Itself As A Leader For The Region In Energy Storage

Tata Power is one of the most prestigious groups in India, and if you look at our partners around the world, they are of the same league. The success of the partnership is important for us, said Andres Gluski, President and CEO of AES Corporation

Align CSR With National Goals

Innovative and inclusive social investments by India Inc. with broader policy frameworks can augment the government's developmental initiatives

The Break-Out Zone


Beyond Big Data

A new way of understanding and analysing recent data fusillade

A Near-Perfect Companion

Another ideal usage scenario that I tested was waking up with a morning alarm, and the Echo Show did it right by switching on compatible lights and briefing me about the day's schedule

Low-Cost Camera Fest

Overall, the camera is a decent performer, and given the price, we should not be complaining. My review unit, with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB onboard storage, is priced at Rs 16,999, but the base price is quite pocket-friendly

It's All In The Blood

An age-old diagnostic method continues to be a guiding light

Beware Of The Voice Trap

Voice interactions are most convenient, but they could also lead to privacy breach and fake information

Make Them Strong

A must-follow guide for creating passwords which can keep data breaches at bay

Fine Living Beckons

Get ready for a colourful sojourn as the East and the West come together with offerings to wow connoisseurs

A Maverick In Politics

He grew up poor in Bihar. But Yashwant Sinha became India's finance minister twice and had a ringside view of events in two governments. He presents an insider's tale

Special Reports


Long Way To Go

India must increase farm income and become globally competitive. Technology can help

For A Better Harvest

A number of attempts are under way to improve farm yield through technology intervention

Maximising Income

Technology is being used to minimise agricultural losses and generate revenues

Finding Solutions

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 60 per cent of India's population

Tech-Enabled Future

Access to new technology and customised solutions can redefine Indian agriculture