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Cover story | September 20, 2009

Stop the 'war' against enterprise

India has too many illiterates but too few entrepreneurs entering into the field of education. Why is this so? The answer is simple: the country is hostile territory for educational entrepreneurship.

An open book

Educomp has spotted opportunities in virtually every segment of education without getting caught in regulatory hassles.

Small start, big finish

The vocational and skills training market has spawned scores of successful entrepreneurs. Many are expanding into secondary and higher education, says Saumya Bhattacharya.

Stepping up despite regulation

Investors work around regulatory controls to manage and take over private schools for long-term returns.

The toppers list

These are the poster boys of private enterprise in higher education. And even in the densely regulated segment, there are interesting business models that are paying off.

The advent of edupreneurs

The P-word often rises unbidden in the hallowed halls of education. But now many are beginning to shed their inhibitions about it. Shamni Pande tells more.

September 20, 2009


What the tax code means to you

The draft direct tax code, if implemented in its current form, promises to be a game changer for individual taxpayers as well as for personal finance. We show how.

Index funds vs active funds

With major indices taking a breather, should you make the switch to actively managed funds?

Editor's Note

From the Editor: September 20, 2009

The share of education in most household budgets has risen substantially in recent years. That's not only because Indians are getting better educated, but also because getting educated is becoming more and more expensive.


The truth behind justice

Amartya Sen shows that the concept of justice cannot be moored to social contracts or ideal institutions but instead needs to be linked to the ground realities of society.


Dilip Shanghvi's multi-pronged defense

India’s most valuable pharma firm has stumbled, as a US subsidiary gets on the wrong side of the FDA and a handful of exclusive arrangements come to an end. Can founder Dilip Shanghvi get Sun Pharma back on the road to supernormal profits?

Spreading wealth

The Shriram Group has a unique way of creating entrepreneurs both within and outside the organisation.

Dawn of the netbook

Cheap, svelte and robust, netbooks have reached a unique tipping point. An impending broadband revolution and rising incomes will render them as commonplace as your cell phone.

'Satyam is not an aberration'

If he can break the jinx of the Companies Act that successive governments have tried — and failed — to modernise for over a decade now, Minister for Corporate Affairs Salman Khurshid would go down in history as the one who truly liberalised Indian Inc. from the red tape of stifling rules and meaningless approvals.

'The main stakeholders in educational institutions are children'

HRD Minister Kapil Sibal may be insisting that education cannot usher in a for-profit-participation, but entrepreneurs believe he will become flexible in time.

Can this trio kick-start CA?

Once the world's third-largest software company, Computer Associates is betting big on India to get its mojo back.

Rural liberator

With village youth comprising three-fourths of its employee base, BVG India has struck upon a unique — and cost-competitive — business model in facilities management and support services.

Shantha as a template?

The vaccines innovator has always had foreign partners to help with funding. Is it a viable model?

Biocon's new vistas

After changing its focus from enzymes to biopharma, India's best-known biotech company wants to transform itself into a truly global company.

Baba Kalyani's new growth engines

Prompted by the sudden collapse of the global auto industry, the Kalyanis want to transform Bharat Forge — the world's second-largest forgings maker — into a high-value engineering giant.

Back of the Book

Up close with recession

Over two weeks across six states, we discovered that the US is changing like never before — thanks to the recession.


Why India-ASEAN FTA will pay off

The India-ASEAN FTA is not just an ordinary free trade agreement. It is a key that will open the door to wider strategic engagement with the region, facilitating India’s participation in efforts to build an “Asian Economic Community”.

Thumb rules for investment in private education

As an industry, private educational institutions in India were worth $40 billion in 2008, a figure that is projected to grow to $70 billion by 2013 and $115 billion by 2018.

Legally non-profit, for-profit in reality

There is no doubt that private institutions have allowed more students to pursue courses of their choice. But access to quality private education comes at a cost.

Profit can coexist with quality

Most people worry about quality control in higher education, and rightly so, since there is not much to education without quality.

Lessons from Intel's $1.45 billion fine

There is a fine line between using discounts to promote sales and misusing such schemes to keep out competitors.


High on employee morale

Despite a poor job market, a majority of executives is satisfied with their jobs, reveals a survey.


Ga-ga Google

Product innovation and understanding of the Internet has made Google the king of the search domain. But its eyebrow-raising revenues is thanks to marketing whizkids like Nikesh Arora.


Making projects work

There will be surprises in executing even a well planned project. Here is how to tackle them.

People, places and products

Here's a look at the who and what hogging the limelight this fortnight.

'Afford' Berry

With the BlackBerry 8520, Research In Motion (RIM) wants to change the affordability game.

An application party

Microsoft also joins the application marketplace for mobile products.

Leaderspeak: Analjit Singh

Here's a little insight on the founder chairman of Max India Ltd.

Countdown to Copenhagen

The climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009 will be the most important since the Kyoto Summit in 1997.


'We're keen on M&As in the $50-500 mn range'

Paul A. Hawkinson, MD of the $8.4-billion BMO Financial Group’s investment banking arm BMO Capital Markets, spoke about developing opportunities between India and N.America.

Visit Thailand and get paid

It was always a favourite tourist destination for Indians. And now post the ASEAN-India free trade agreement, it promises to be one of the top business destinations, too.

Most watched ads in July 2009

There’s clearly a healthy jostle for space in our monthly ranking of “India’s Most Watched Ads” as it’s not always the big spending FMCG sector that tops the most watched list.

Government mulls including muslims in OBC list

Should Muslims be considered a part of Other Backward Classes (OBC)? Or should reservation be made separately for the community?

'India needs to look at newer markets'

Here's a look at words of wisdom from some of the prominent personalities.

RBI's new regulatory framework

As the world’s biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression unfolded, the mandarins at the Reserve Bank of India had their task cut out.

Bye-bye call drops

Call drops aren’t restricted to any single operator. Poor connectivity is one of the biggest irritants for subscribers. So, what’s the way out?

'Firm dies when focus shifts from consumer to competitor'

Gaston Legorburu, Chief Creative Officer of the global servicing firm, Sapient, spoke about how interactivity can boost a plethora of businesses.

Smuggled puffs

Smokers the world over consume a staggering 657 billion cigarettes that are illegally smuggled into their countries every year.

Invest in Chinese stocks

Till now there were not too many opportunities for Indians to invest in Chinese stocks. That is all set to change thanks to the BMF exchange traded fund on Hang Seng. Virendra Verma tells more.

'Sniper trade' hits Dalal Street

Ever tried a Guerilla or a Sniper strategy? These popular algorithms or complex mathematical formulas that determine the best buying or selling prices are being offered by Goldman Sachs India and Credit Suisse India to international clients investing in India.

'US companies may reinvest more of their profits in India'

KPMG’s Global Tax Head Wilbert H. A. Kannekens was in India last fortnight. He spoke about the raging issues in cross-border taxation.

A view from space

ISRO's latest toy, the Bhuvan Mapping Service, promises to be better than Google Earth. In reality, however, it’s not even half as good. Kushan Mitra tells more.

Indian kids eat Indian

When it comes to eating habits, Indian children love Indian food.

Hoping for a lift-off

Being deep down in the dungeon is not stopping the makers of trade policy from aiming for the moon in the foreseeable future.

BT More

Fancy some bull's blood?

Sangre de Toro owes its name, which means ‘bull’s blood’, to its robust colour. It’s hard to find a young wine looking so definitively red.

Panning for gold

The pan-Asian restaurant can be notoriously a hit or miss. How does 19 Oriental Avenue at the Shangri-La shape up?

Q&A with Tanushree Dutta

Since winning Miss India-Universe in 2004, Tanushree Dutta (26) has moved to Mumbai and into the realm of cinema. This Bong beauty has been single for over a year.

Bar talk

If you can’t be bothered mixing them yourself, here are the best bars to go to.

Time for a cocktail

There are more cocktails in the world than there are days in a year. So, we got some of the hottest bartenders to come up with the best. Enjoy!

Raising the bar

The fun part of building a cocktail bar is buying all the ingredients—the liquor, the lemons and the limes. And that’s just the Ls...

Cocktail kits and glasses

If you’re serious about making cocktails at home, you’re going to need some apparatus.

A heady mix

A cocktail is much more than just a drink. It is the by-word for well-being; for a warm, fuzzy, happy feeling.

Letter from the Editor

Friends, Readers, Countrymen! Listen up — I don’t have much time. You see, this is my last issue of MORE, my final hour in the editor’s chair, and I have much to tell you before I depart from these pages, and your lives, once and for all.

The suite deal

Where to stay in Bangkok if you’ve only got a few days.

Oh Samui!

Thailand’s most famous holiday island is teeming with great luxury resorts. We thought we’d test drive a couple.

Yoga: The heat is on

The cult of Bikram, having conquered Hollywood, has now come home to India. It’s time to turn up the temperature…

Mr Hamilton will see you now

On a flying visit to Delhi, F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton sits down with us to talk about hanging out with Yuvraj and sleeping through Delhi traffic.

Fresh off the shelf

From Louis Vuitton luggage to chic glam glasses, take your pick from these brand new buys.

Launchpad: What's new in your world

Your mini-magazine at the front with everything you need this month, including festive buys, playing with The Beatles, the hidden Sherlock Holmes, Durga Puja and Lewis Hamilton’s cricket skills...