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Cover story | October 25, 2015

Can govt realize the dream of supplying power 24x7?

Can govt realize the dream of supplying power 24x7?

The NDA government is bringing a plan to clean the mess in distribution companies, but a history of failures raises more apprehension than confidence.

October 25, 2015



Gadgets that are affecting your lives

Wearable gadgets such as smartwatches, glasses, bracelets, shoes, socks, etc., have moved from the realms of fantasy novels and sci-fi movies to our everyday lives.

Wearables are moving from niche to mainstream

Smart bands and smart watches are the most popular, but there are also smart glasses, smart bracelets, smart shoes, smart socks, smart rings and pendants and much more.

For service robots, sky is the limit

Services industries are being swarmed by the steel warriors - robots that can do practically everything from serving you food to cleaning a high-pressure pipe in a power plant.

Why civilian use of UAVs is prohibited in India

While the role of drones in civilian life is bound to increase, the DGCA's hesitation in endorsing them also has some basis. Key questions of safety and security are involved.

Artificial Intelligence drives computers to the edge of human thought

Smart machines with artificial Intelligence react to their environments by churning and analysing huge amounts of data, interpreting them and, using self learning algorithms, and finally taking decisions the way humans do.

Editor's Note


Power Tangles

The current estimates are that some seven crore households and about 28 crore people in the country still do not have access to electricity, 68 years after Independence.


Book review - Running and Living: Unleash Your Potential

This book motivates a non-runner to get up and start running. It is about how you can continuously challenge yourself and achieve your dreams, without creating unnecessary stress in your life.

Book review: Resurgent India

The book is a policy-maker's reference guide, grounded in plenty of evidence but elucidated in short paragraphs.

Leadership Spotlight


'Competition helped improve standards'

VG Siddhartha, Chairman, Coffee Day speaks to BT's Ajita Shashidhar on the company's growth and business plans.



The growing trend of encrypted social media

Data is gold for digital thieves and hackers. Which is why all information, be it sensitive messages or inane chatter on social media, is encrypted.



Online budget hotel players are in great demand. Here's why

No matter how the future pans out, for now, expectations about explosive growth have made every player gung-ho.


Quick takes on major events that happened recently

'India offers a lot in innovation and operation'

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch says India has been doing a pretty good job with its tax-free development zones. Your CSR model is something the rest of the world should follow. It is a great thing to give back to the country, especially when you are developing.


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Business Today readers' feedback on the magazine's coverage



The Lloyd-BT Pro-Am of Champions Golf tournament kicks off in Delhi

For the first time, this corporate golf tournament will be played across seven cities, beginning with Ahmedabad and ending with the National final in Delhi on March 12 and 13.

Celebrating Small Business: BT's sixth Best SME awards event

Winners of Business Today Best SME Awards are setting high standards and taking giant strides forward.



Eight HR lessons from start-ups

Based on mutual agreement and unwritten rules, entrepreneurial HR is disrupting the function and showing a new way for corporations.

Stuck in a maze

The private equity industry finds itself trapped in mid-sized companies with no hope of exits in the near future.

Profits in small doses

The hype about growth in smaller towns is over. Hospitals are now taking a more calibrated approach to expansion outside the country's top cities.

Paediatric hospitals are expanding fast. Here's how

Hospitals for children are emerging as a big business. After taking several baby steps, the leading players in the segment are now striding ahead.



India much stronger than other emerging nations

Most of the global rating agencies have snipped India's GDP forecast for 2015 because of weak monsoons. But India's macro story still seems much stronger than other emerging nations.

Race to the Top

The Centre's business friendliness rankings are nudging states to carry out significant reforms.

Sebi-FMC merger poses a big challenge to UK Sinha

Sebi has the resources to bring in people and develop the required infrastructure but it would not be an easy task for it to give equal attention to both the markets.

Tax policies spoil govt's efforts to attract investors

Tax experts and industry players are of the opinion that the Centre has not come good when it comes to implementation, in spite of all the right noises it had made initially.

Phase III FM auction may hit radio firms profit

The first part of the recently concluded Phase III FM Radio auctions has seen the costliest bids in the history of the FM industry. Close to Rs 522 crore was bid for stations in the metro cities alone.

Will ESOPs in 2014-15 help firms retain talent?

India Inc's increasing fascination for issuing stock options to reward employees is very much evident in ESOP volumes, too. In 2014/15, the number of such options totalled 32.2 crore, the highest since 2006/07.



Events to look out for in October

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5 common excuses for putting off your retirement plan

The simplest formula for financial success is to start early!

Is Your Fixed Income Investment Risk-free?

Debt funds are subject to interest rate risk and credit risk. They are not risk-free

Why SIP Is Best

SIPs underperform in a consistently rising market as its main advantage of cost averaging is not realised in such a case.

Should You Invest in Tax-free Bonds?

It is estimated that Rs40,000 crore will be raised through tax-free bonds in 2015/16