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Cover story | November 29, 2009

Women and the vision thing

Women are judged to be less visionary than men in 360-degree feedback. It may be a matter of perception, but it stops women from getting to the top.

The inheritors

Be it pushing the envelope at their businesses or throwing themselves into a social venture or getting behind the camera at Bollywood, passion unites these rising daughters in India Inc.

In the name of the mother

With the courts suggesting maternal intervention as a means to getting the warring Ambani brothers to smoke the peace pipe, Kokilaben D. Ambani may well be the one who determines whether India remains energy-starved or not. Really?

The men behind the power women

They have few issues being relegated to the background, and letting their wives climb up to heights that few men have reached before.

It's not a man's world anymore

Women are rapidly storming workplaces that were until recently male bastions.

The talent catchers

They are instrumental in hiring top talent for India Inc. BT profiles the leading ladies of executive search.

The power to change

They may not be running businesses or owning them, but this clutch of women in government influences the course that India Inc. takes.

The power 30

The recession, downturn or whatever you call it, has dented most kinds of lists - lists of billionaires, lists of most valuable companies, lists of top recruiters and so on.

November 29, 2009


Do you need a planner?

Like most people, you may think you don’t but you could be wrong. BT kicks off a three-part series on sound financial planning. In the first, we begin by emphasising the need for a professional planner.

Editor's Note

From the Editor: November 29, 2009

Defining power is a huge challenge. Defining powerful women is a bigger challenge. Having taken on this challenge for seven years, we have reasons to believe that we know more than others about how much women have come to influence and inspire business in India.


Break through at 2.0

Getting to Plan B tells you how companies ranging from Google to Toyota found their sweet spots not in their initial plans, but in subsequent avatars.


Wipro's bagful of ideas

Across businesses ranging from engineering to personal products, Azim Premji has quietly built a non-IT portfolio that’s worth a billion dollars - that's roughly a fourth of the annual revenues of the infotech flagship.

Galvanised again

When this trader turned into a manufacturer of galvanised steel, he had to run around to buy the raw material. Today, Rajinder Miglani has got ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steelmaker, as a stakeholder, co-promoter—and supplier. For ArcelorMittal’s L.N. Mittal, it is the first footprint in India.

Cut down the coffee

Switch from your ritual cup of java to a “healthier” green tea.

Saving Wockhardt

The pharma high flier has been hammered by derivative losses and is choking on a mountain of debt. The good news: Some deft financial restructuring has given both promoter and industry hope.

Indian pharma's search for the magic pill

While MNCs are invading India in a desperate quest for new markets, Indian pharma firms are struggling to expand and rise up the value chain in a tough, competitive environment.

Bid for breakfast with your boss

Bharti Airtel dovetails HR with CSR to come up with a first-of-its-kind employee engagement formula.

'The world is a much poorer place now'

Last fortnight, the opening bell of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) on Dalal Street was rung by a surprise guest — Peter T. Grauer, Chairman, Bloomberg L.P.


What longer trading hours will mean

The ideal solution would be to have only index futures traded for extended hours while everything else continues with the current schedule.

Come good, to make up for coming late

Our policies have to enable both 3G and BWA for efficient delivery of triple play—voice, data and entertainment.


Wanted: Wealth managers

The beginning of an economic recovery brings back jobs.


A Corporate Fact Base

Your annual BT-500 (BT cover, November 15) is a useful and handy guide to explore the wealth-creating capabilities of India’s most valuable companies.


What do you use to Tweet?

Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor has been India's answer to Ashton Kutcher in the role that he has played in popularising the microblogging service, Twitter.

From 'type & search' to 'talk & search'

Google Voice Search comes for Symbian Series 60 devices. Honestly, though, we're left feeling a little let down after using it.


'India can be a leading player in renewable energy generation'

Gavin Greene, Worldwide head of the electrical division of the energy consultancy firm SgurrEnergy, spoke on the promising growth prospects of renewable energy in India.

13,000 bread slices dumped!

And this happens daily. Why? Because British firm Marks & Spencer does not use the crust and the first slice of a loaf to make sandwiches. Rajiv Rao tells more.

Mobile helpline for the farmer

The hitherto “unconnected” farmer could soon see his cultivation yield better results, thanks to the mobile phone’s increasing reach, says Rahul Sachitanand.

Google in its crosshairs

How do you SMS a business associate who is more comfortable interacting in Hindi? A new software for mobile phones could solve this problem and make conducting business easier.

Read before you sign...

That’s what bankers are telling customers after an RBI report shows a rise in complaints against banks.

What it takes to get an Indian business visa

Indians always had problems securing visa — specially work visa. After all, we are one of the largest labour exporters in the world.

Misguided leadership?

A recent global survey by McKinsey found that inspirational leadership — that defined expectations from workers and rewarded deserving ones, remained the most sought-after quality in CEOs during and after the crisis.

In: Dual-SIM. Out: Portability & brand loyalty

At least half a million dual-SIM mobile phones get bought in India a month as customers cotton on to never-before deals. Brand loyalty and number portability increasingly lose relevance.

Are you faking on Twitter?

Copying someone’s identity to tweet could land you in trouble. Court can even serve notice on an anonymous person through a networking site or on email, says Shamni Pande.

The 3G mirage

Though there is finally a deadline for the 3G auction, the timing, quality and speed of 3G service roll-out are still open to questions. Can New Delhi meet the deadline? Kushan Mitra tells more.