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Cover story | May 27, 2012

Samsung knocks the wind out of Nokia

And, the pain won't go away soon. Samsung's Goliath-beating journey in the Rs 55,000-crore mobile phones business is as much luck as nose-to-the-grind execution. The luck was in the call it made two years ago on smartphones.


Starting your own biz venture? Tips on gathering funds

Starting out on one's own was never easy, but today there are a number of funds and support networks that promise to make the ride smoother. If you have a good business idea, getting funds from investors or venture capitalists was never easier than it is at present.

Editor's Note

From the Editor: May 27, 2012

Chaitanya Kalbag says competition tell us why long-time incumbents drowse at the top of the tree; why value-conscious Indians are willing to spend big bucks on newer devices and wheels; why the user experience is so important to coming up with the best products.


'Meetings Should be Fun, but...'

David Pearl's book Will There be Donuts? Start a Business Revolution One Meeting at a Time says meetings have to be fun.


People business

Starring: Tessy Thomas, Patu Keswani, David A. Wilson, Abheek Anand, Jim Clifton and Kishore Jayaraman

Leadership Spotlight

Leaderspeak with Siddhartha Lal

Eicher Motors' Siddhartha Lal shares his leadership style.


The Biyani way of dealing with debt

The Pantaloon brand and stores will be demerged and turned into a separate company after the Future Group sold the business to Aditya Birla Nuvo. The new company will take away Rs 800 crore of debt on its balance sheet from the Pantaloon Retail books.

Telangana tangle makes investors wary

The protracted delay in settling the Telangana statehood issue has riven the state, and it is telling on investment and the state's political image.

Niche retail websites gain traction

The best known online retailers such as and started with a single product and have gone on to add many more items to their repertoire. But there are also those which have stuck to a single product line, while offering greater range and depth in that product than the general retailers do.

Milk prices spiral as demand outpaces production

This is not because milk production is falling, quite the contrary. Production is rising, but the thirst for milk is rising even faster. Prices of milk and milk products rose 15.3 per cent in 2011/12.

In search of laughter

Stand-up comedy in English is drawing fans in Indian cities. A small group of young comedians hope to reach an expanding urban audience that is fluent in English and eager for edgy, worldly humour.

Policy flip-flop halts coal bed methane sector in its tracks

According to the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons, India is estimated to have around 4.6 trillion cubic meters of CBM reserves. But only 0.24 mmscmd (million metric standard cubic metres per day) of CBM is being produced today.

Indian drug makers shake off dependence on China

Dependence on China has generated enough concerns for the Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association to call for anti-dumping duties on some bulk drugs and intermediates from the country.

Organised jewellery sector eyes expansion

While unorganised jewellers are fighting new government regulations, the organised sector is in expansion mode.

Audi leaps ahead in luxury car market

Audi is no longer an also-ran in the luxury car race. By 2015, Audi hopes to become the number one luxury car brand in the world as well as in India. In fact, everyone in the company wears a tiny badge on her lapel that says No 1.

A $50 bn opportunity up for grabs

The government is keen on making domestic companies meet 70 per cent of the country's defence needs within the next five years.


BIT of legal bother

India is planning to exclude arbitration clauses from BITs currently under negotiation with the EU, Au Its decision to do so could limit some future liability.


Review: Ford Fiesta PowerShift Automatic

This is the first vehicle to provide doubleclutch transmission at an affordable price.


Reader's forum

Your cover story Going for Gold (May 13) was topical, what with the 2012 Summer Olympics in London less than 100 days away.


Sound quality is improving

Sound quality is improving even as speakers and mikes get smaller.


Durable opportunities

The consumer durables and electronics industry continues to hire aggressively.


Round up: Events of the fornight

Wipro has announced the acquisition of Australian analytics product firm Promax Applications Group in an all-cash deal of A$35 million, its 17th in the IT business since 2002.

RBI can do little to check rupee's decline

Oil imports are where a weak rupee hurts India the most. At $155.6 billion, oil accounted for nearly 32 per cent of total imports in 2011-12. A weak rupee increases the import bill and cancels out the benefit of any decline in global crude prices.

Dropping the Tab

A key national security measure is about to trip because no one wants to pay for it.

2G auction proposals: All you need to know

The Telecom Regulatory Authority's suggestions on spectrum allocation have shocked the industry. Here's all you need to know.

5 steps to here

Oct 1-7,'09 Maoists kidnap police inspector Francis Induvar in Khunti, Jharkhand, demand release of three leaders. Behead Induvar when government refuses

A spectrum of concerns

The 122 telecom licences that were cancelled in February will be auctioned before August 31. How will this impact the industry and subscribers?

Ranbaxy sets the trend for more indigenous drugs

After successful clinical trials and approvals, the new anti-malaria drug Synriam, developed by Ranbaxy, was finally launched on April 25. Indigenously developed, the drug launch underlines the importance of government-industry collaboration.

Should you invest in Apple's new iPad?

The 2048x1536 pixel resolution screen is clearer than an HDTV and in itself a tremendous feat of engineering by Apple's display suppliers.

S&P cuts India's Outlook: Who said what

Every major crisis has been missed by the rating agencies and in the aftermath of every crisis they have been very quick to downgrade, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, to wire agencies.

BT-Ernst & Young Deal Watch

State Bank of India (SBI) has allotted 36 million equity shares of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 2,181.69 to Government of India on preferential basis.

'When you enter a restaurant, your phone will start searching out people you know'

In Mumbai recently to unveil his company's report on Tech Trends 2012, Mark White, Chief Technology Officer of Deloitte Consulting's Technology practice, discussed some trends with Suman Layak. Edited excerpts

How India elects its President

With President Pratibha Patil's term ending on July 24 this year, the lobbying over the choice of the next President is in full swing. Here is how the President is elected: 

Executive Health

Vital travelling companions

Always carry a first-aid kit and take out medical insurance when you travel.