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Cover story | June 2, 2019

The Rise - And The Eventual Crisis

The Rise - And The Eventual Crisis

NBFCs showed spectacular growth after 2014 but at the cost of huge risk-taking.

The Shadow Banking Crisis

Why you should be very worried.

Back To The Wall

NBFC crisis and indiscriminate borrowing to beef up its subsidiaries is at the root of Reliance Capital's crisis.

Stuck In Quicksand

Debt funds are in the line of fire for missing the danger signals and eventually falling prey to defaulting securities.

Debt Markets For All

How to create transparency and accountability via a new set of reforms.

A Strong Foundation

More and more savings are being invested in financial instruments. But for this to increase further, the industry has to shape up.

Editor's Note


Fear In The Financial System

The general nervousness is because of a chain of events that started with the first Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Systems debt default that took place in June last year.

Leadership Spotlight



Kan Kunimura built the San Francisco-based CRM company's Japan business.

The Buzz


Performance Dashboard

How India performed under different leaderships in past 20 years.

Etihad in the Running

Etihad Airways has emerged the sole bidder for Jet Airways.

Thinking Ahead?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi might be busy campaigning, but his office, along with NITI Aayog, have started work on the agenda for the first 100 days of the next government.

In A Tight Corner

The statutory auditors at the centre of the IL&FS loan default case might have gotten themselves into a tight corner with government and regulatory sentiments strongly against them.

Pharma Fares Better

In 2018, India has the largest number of US regulator approved pharmaceutical plants outside the US.

Bumpy Road Ahead

European nations, the US, Russia, Japan and India didn't turn up for the three-day second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

Need For Robust Policy

Sebi's order on NSE's co-location (colo) case has put the spotlight on regulations around colo facilities and algorithm (algo) trading and the fact that it is hard to prove fraud in such cases.

Getting Resilient

The state is looking to build infrastructure that is up and running even during natural disasters.

India Remains Cautious

The Indian drug controller has yet to grant approval to Sanofi's dengue vaccine - Dengvaxia.

Fiscal Deficit Under Stress

The Union government is staring at a tax revenue shortfall of almost Rs 1 lakh crore if not more.

Making Millennials Money Wise

The Gurgaon-based company runs an app-based fintech platform to help youngsters save and invest.

The Hub


Thirsty Future

India is home to 16% of the world's population, but has access to just 4% of the water resources.

Time To Play

The Rs 4,500 crore organised toy market in India urgently needs innovations if it is to grow.

Weighed Down

More signs of an economic slowdown are emerging.

Hot Potatoes

PepsiCo began the fight with potato farmers, but can the company end it?


The insolvency ecosystem is plagued by inadequate number of benches and staff crunch, resulting in delays.

Falling Short

Corporate funds are flowing into the development sector after the Companies Act made CSR mandatory for profit-making companies. But there is a need to make such initiatives more effective.

'YouTube should be the platform for the next million channels'

Even though as CEO Susan Wojcicki was on her maiden visit to India - YouTube's largest user base - she cut her teeth in the media industry as an intern with the India Today Group way back in 1991. "I used to live in Kalkaji (New Delhi) and travel to the India Today office in Connaught Place by bus," she fondly remembers. In fact, her first assignment as an intern was to write about the birth of e-mail. From there, Wojcicki went on to rent out her garage in the US to the Google founders and eventually became Google's first marketing manager in 1999. In conversation with Business Today's Rajeev Dubey and Ajita Shashidhar, Wojcicki talks about YouTube's ambition, its brush with regulators, fake news and her unflinching faith in YouTube's ad-supported business model. Edited excerpts:

A Scarcity-Pollution Tango In India

Inefficiency and inequity in supply are two major reasons for the continuing stress.

The Break-Out Zone


Goodies At A Premium Price

The 3a XL has a 6-inch full HD+OLED display in a polycarbonate unibody and the Pixel's signature dual-tone finish at the back.

Wireless Rules

Apple has introduced an optional wireless charging case that works with any Qi-compatible wireless charger.

Why Gut Matters

The summer heat can play havoc with your gut and upset the microbiome balance, but the right diet will keep you strong and healthy.

When Dumb Tech Plays Boss

Without adequate technology features, artificial intelligence cannot be depended upon to carry out work assessment, hiring or firing.

Block Snoopers And Hackers

Restricting apps' access to your smartphone's built-in features such as camera and microphone will plug data breaches and bolster security.

One Man, Many Realities

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is often deemed a polarising force, and authors deep-diving into his life and times, strategies and ideology, have painted him in many hues.

Special Reports


The Water Balance

As water gets increasingly scarce, companies see their future closely aligned with being water neutral or better still, water positive.

Ticking Water Bomb

As India's water table falls, it's important to opt for conservation measures.

Swipe To Drink

A handful of social enterprises are bridging the gap between people and potable water through water ATMs.

Healthy Hydration

Mineral-rich and alkaline water is slowly emerging as a niche space for seasoned water purifier players.

Sea Of Change

Desalination plants are expensive and environmentally risky, but emerging technologies and economies of scale can make them a sustainable solution.

Money Today

Sip It, For Long

Despite their many merits, systematic investment plans could pose some risks in the short term.

How Safe Is Your Debt Fund?

Reassess your risk-return objectives and review current portfolios to deal with market-linked risks.

Secure Your Child's Future

As you manage your child's school expenses, don't lose sight of the higher education expenses.