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Cover story | June 10, 2012

Indian brands pose stiff challenge for MNCs

Indian brands pose stiff challenge for MNCs

When feisty Indian brands roll up their sleeves, it's time for MNCs to worry. Business Today presents a selection of small, regional brands that have been around for years, and are drawing up aggressive plans that should have the big names in the business worried.
Vi-John | Havmor | Sakthi Masala | Mapro | Dantadhavanachoornam | Sosyo | Wagh BakriKalimark

How Vi-John has an edge over competitors

Business Today presents a selection of small, regional brands that are drawing up aggressive plans that should have the big names in the business worried. Vi-John is a good example of low-profile Indian brands that have stood their ground against multinational onslaught.
Havmor | Sakthi Masala | Mapro | Dantadhavanachoornam | Sosyo | Wagh BakriKalimark

Wagh Bakri brews a strong cup of success

Customised to suit the quality of local water and milk, Wagh Bakri dominates tea consumption in Gujarat. So much so that no one can touch the brand's market position in the state - 50 per cent of the tea consumed is Wagh Bakri.

Kalimark: No compromises

Customer loyalty has helped soft drink maker Kalimark stand its ground in Tamil Nadu.

Sakthi Masala: Hot stuff

From a 300 sq ft operation to a 30-acre one, Sakthi Masala has come a long way.

How Mapro is giving rivals worried moments

In our effort to bring focus on regional brands that are drawing up aggressive plans to take on big names in the business, we present Mapro. The fruit product manufacturer has developed a radically different product from bigger rivals in the confectionery segment.
Vi-John | Havmor | Sakthi Masala | Dantadhavanachoornam | Sosyo | Wagh BakriKalimark

Dantadhavanachoornam: Oral tradition

K.P. Namboodiri's capitalises on consumers' trust in its tooth powder to promote other products.

Himgange Hair Oil: Good Hair Days

Himgange's hair oils are holding their own against competing products from heavyweights Emami and Marico.

Sosyo: Local flavour

Sosyo, Gujarat's swadeshi soft drink, is a sprightly 89 years old, and it wants to be a national brand when it grows up.

Havmor: Playing it cool

Unfazed by competition, ice cream maker Havmor is rapidly moving beyond Gujarat.


Follow expert recommendations cautiously

Read expert recommendations closely, but never follow them blindly.

Editor's Note

From the Editor: June 10, 2012

Brands fascinate us at Business Today. When we write about companies, and the men and women who work for them and run them, we are also indirectly writing about their brands, which are inextricably tied to their corporate identities.


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