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Cover story | Jan 4, 2015

India's institutions are not failing but waking up

India's institutions are not failing but waking up

India's institutions may seem weak after scams of recent years but the cleansing will usher in predictability in the system, says Former Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rai.

Entrepreneurs need to rethink business models

The truism that India's growing domestic market is a high-volume, low-margin opportunity has a negative side, writes ZipDial CEO Valerie R. Wagoner.

'Tech key to progress of entrepreneurs, farmers'

India needs to support small entrepreneurs in farm processing and value-added retailing to create jobs for those at the bottom of the pyramid.

'Good governance key to ensure mining reforms'

Only a sustainable policy on use of natural resources can unlock India's full potential.

What it takes to succeed as businessman in India

Shiv Nadar writes on how businessman can succeed in India -  the country where doing business, especially for small enterprises, is a challenging task.

How India can make its own Microsoft

A country well known for its software services now has an opportunity to build world-beating software products.

Tax reforms to put economy on growth path

The tax laws should be such that they raise a given amount of revenue in an efficient, effective and equitable manner.

India Inc must adopt 'go green' mantra for profits

Corporates that are proactively focused on sustainability will do better in future than those that are purely reactive both in terms of their social financial objectives.

Bridging the income gap

Inequality in India has reduced in the last decade but the key to reducing the still yawning spread in incomes is supporting an entrepreneurial ecosystem with gusto.

Internet usage to make way for new biz models

The e-commerce industry that was non-existent a few years ago is today worth $5 billion. There are 35 million Indians who buy products online - electronics, apparel, baby products and so on.

Administrative reforms must for nation's growth

Administrative reforms have to be undertaken in mission mode. We must have evangelising missionaries leading them, writes Prajapati Trivedi, economic adviser to the govt.

India's globalisation imperative

Few countries have more to gain from a greater integration with the rest of the world. Indeed, many fears about it within India seem exaggerated.

How doing business in India can be made easier

Manoj Kohli, managing director of Bharti Enterprises writes on how India can change its image to a business-friendly economy for the rest of the world.

Land, labour reforms must for massive job creation

We have not made progress because of the transmission losses between the poetry rooted knowing "what" and the plumbing focused knowing "how", writes Manish Sabharwal.

Services growth to drive manufacturing in India

While manufacturing will add another dimension to our growth, the services sector will continue to be strong, writes banker KV Kamath.

A fitter workforce is must for Indian economy

India has a major cause for concern because nearly half of the deaths and disability related to them occur before the age of 65.

Long-term steps needed for economic revival

If India's leadership can focus on what's good for the nation and its people, it has an opportunity to catapult the country from global middle-income economies.

6 things India must do to be innovation leader

We have the potential to be a $10 tn economy in next 20 years if we encourage manufacturing and innovation in select sectors, writes D. Shivakumar, CEO of PepsiCo India.

Disruptive innovation is a strategy, not just the technology

In a rare interview, Christensen tells Business Today the relevance of his theory of disruptive innovation and explains with real-life examples how it could play out in today's context.

Quality education needed to increase growth rate

India will get trapped in 'middle-income', if we do not act with urgency now to transform the quality of education delivered in our country.

Reforms needed to make India a manufacturing hub

You cannot expect 'Make in India' to bring a revolution in just two months. We must understand the huge challenges that our country faces, writes Amitabh Kant.

Looking beyond chalta hai, jugaad

India has to break out from its low-quality past and embrace quality in the next stage of its growth.

Editor's Note


From the Editor: January 4, 2015

The new government led by Narendra Modi has been in office for just over six months, and it has certainly made the right noises about many issues.

Editor-in-Chiefs note


PM Modi and his team should not be judged in haste

With the new government now in place for the last six months, the country is impatiently waiting for the revival of the economy after several dismal years.

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