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Cover story | December 6, 2015

Food tech start-ups going through a churn

Food tech start-ups going through a churn

A young industry trying to revolutionise the way India orders food - is laying off people or shutting down operations. Is this the beginning of the bust?

December 6, 2015

Editor's Note


The Food Tech Bubble

The problems of the food tech start-up space is just an early warning sign of what is likely to happen in many other e-commerce segments.



The Secret of Good Health

In his book, the author cites social relationships, and not economic progress, as the key factor affecting citizens health.

Leadership Spotlight


Green energy is key to India's growth story: Hindustan Powerprojects' Ratul Puri

Ratul Puri, Chairman of Hindustan Powerprojects, tells Anilesh S Mahajan why renewable energy is key to India's overall growth story.



Social apps are motivating people to get fit

A recent study from the University of Pennsylvania suggests that health buddies on fitness-focused social networks and apps may help in finding a fitness partner.



SuVitas lends transition care to recovering patients

Claiming to be the first organised player in the transition care segment, the five-month old start-up lends a helping hand to patients recovering from serious medical conditions.

Why India's diamond industry is facing its worst crisis ever

The average price of cut and polished diamonds have been falling steadily whereas the prices of roughs remain high, making the whole business seemingly unsustainable.



Why J&K infra projects are facing roadblocks

Several big projects in J&K have been hit as companies struggle with labour unrest and difficulties in land acquisition and acquiring govt clearances

Power equipment makers halt expansion plans

That is the painful reality of power equipment manufacturers, who increased capacity when the sector was booming. They now have nowhere to go in absence of enough orders as they wait for the recovery.

Ramdev takes a shot at turning noodles desi

Ramdev is the brand ambassador of Patanjali Ayurved, a company which built its reputation on providing Ayurvedic products. Its 101st product - launched in the country - is noodles.

Low crude prices boosted reforms for PSU oil firms

India had imported crude oil worth $168 bn in 2013/14, but with the crash in prices it may import the same volume of crude oil for $88 bn in 2015/16.

Arvind Dham's Amtek Auto swirls in financial crisis

Amtek Auto's spate of overseas acquisitions and investment in domestic capacity addition added debt to the business and increased interest outgo.



Action cameras are becoming a craze for sports enthusiasts

The latest GoPro Hero 4 Black captures 4k videos and has the capability to record high-quality, slow motion video.

DJI's action camera OSMO is best for 4k videos

The highlight of the OSMO is its motorised gimbal functionality. The gimbal is locked in three different places to prevent it from unexpected damages.



PM Modi all set to boost defence spending

The foreign direct investment cap in defence sector has been raised from 26 to 49 per cent and there is a push for indigenisation.

New FDI rules unlikely to rush fund inflows

Take the case of defence sector. Clearly, the move of allowing up to 49 per cent FDI has made it easy for foreign companies. But has it created an attractive business proposition? Experts say unlikely.

UDAY not strong enough to clean discoms debt

The biggest drawback, say experts, is lack of disincentives for states that go back on their promises. The only deterrent is that they may have to forfeit their claim on funds under IPDS.

Developing nations need joint emission reduction commitments

India has an estimated $2.5 trillion plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per unit of GDP by 33-35 per cent from the 2005 levels and it hopes to do that by 2030.