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Cover story | Dec 25, 2011

The man behind India's F1 circuit: Manoj Gaur

The man behind India's F1 circuit: Manoj Gaur

With Formula One success behind him and the Yamuna Expressway stretching ahead, Jaypee's Manoj Gaur stakes claim for a seat at India Inc's high table. The company with the largest land bank in NCR is on course to cross Rs 20,000 crore in turnover this year.


Shares on the house

A bonus issue is usually good for the stock, but not always.

Editor's Note

From the Editor: December 25, 2011

Elections may come and go but highways endure, and the whiff of outsized opportunity is luring Japanese investors beset by stagflation and a soaring yen who had held gingerly back from India until the allure became irresistible.

Reporters Diary

Romancing the Stone

The Jaipur auction ensures this global polishing centre gets a regular supply of emeralds.


Book review: Great by Choice

The book Great by Choice maintains discipline is as important for success as creativity.


Descendants of descartes

Snapshots of eight Indians who figured in the definitive 2011 list of the world's 50 top business thinkers.

Leadership Spotlight

Leaderspeak with Michael Boneham

Michael Boneham, President & MD, Ford India  shares his leadership style.


How Mistry won the race to Bombay House

Why and how dark horse Cyrus Mistry got to run the victory lap around Bombay House.

FDI in retail: What the Opposition ignored

A study by an assistant professor at TISS, Mumbai, proves that kirana stores have the edge on organised retail given the credit they offer and relationships with customers.

Aircraft shopping for dummies

Sale and leasing of airplanes are in the spotlight. A guide to the complexities involved.

Will Akula's exit help SKS' future?

Some observers don't blame the Andhra Pradesh microfinance law alone for the woes of SKS Microfinance. They also blame the way the microlender was run under Vikram Akula, its founder and former chairman.

Giving e-shopping momentum

Despite attracting growing number of visitors, online retailers suffer from low conversion rates. Three start-ups seek to remove the hurdles online buyers face.

Unravelling the Muthoot Finance success story

Muthoot Finance is today the largest lender against gold jewellery in the country. Its rise is due to two factors: its rapidly growing portfolio of gold loans and its low rate of borrower default.

Irrigation firms scramble for solutions as govt delays payments

Hit by a delay in getting government subsidy payments, some players in the micro-irrigation sector are thinking about lending to farmers.

Lighting up lives of rural students

A social business that provides Karnataka's rural children solar-powered lamps to do their homework now seeks to go nationwide.

No kidding: Kidswear is serious business

The children's wear industry, estimated at around Rs 38,000 crore and growing rapidly, is serious business. Thanks to rising family incomes, peer pressure, global retail formats and exposure to brands.

What's behind Japan's rising interest in India?

Japanese companies are on the prowl for acquisitions in India. Direct investment inflows from the country have jumped 18-fold in five years. A close look at what is behind this rising interest in India.

Kareena races ahead with four mega hits

With four mega successes in two years, Kareena Kapoor surges ahead of all other Bollywood performers.

I have the best of the brands, says Kareena Kapoor

Unpretentious and vibrant Kareena Kapoor says she likes to endorse brands that suit her personality. The actor who has built her own reputation in Hindi cinema says she would not endorse alcohol brands and anything non-vegetarian.

India's hopes of high growth dying a slow death

In the wake of corruption investigations, dysfunctional governance and a growing gulf between politicians and the people, the approaching assembly polls will circumscribe economic policy options.


Readers' forum

With its focused approach, clarity of concepts, scrutiny of contents, pervasiveness of utility and incidence of implication across business platforms globally, your cover package was not just innovative, but informative too.


Bringing up father

Children are digital natives. Ergo, parents will have to adapt.


Healthy ideas

Employers need to make employees more aware of health benefits offered.

Case Study

Godrej Appliances: Back to dominating the market

The company, started in 1958, gradually grew complacent and lost touch with its customers thanks to liberalisation and the entry of foreign players. Here's how the company reacted to the situation and fought its way back.


Rupee fall to hit India Inc profits

Oil, metals and mining companies will be the biggest losers as imports will become costlier, while companies in the pharmaceutical and IT sectors stand to gain.

Wordsmith - Extrapediately

Extrapediately is used when a task needs to be completed almost instantaneously; considered more powerful and demanding than ASAP and STAT.

'The Incredulity of the New Companies Bill'

The Ministry Of Corporate Affairs has never had the courage to prosecute serious violations. The fault lies not in our laws but in their execution.

The Ex-factor

Former bureaucrats are becoming convenient choices as independent directors on PSU boards.

Review: Nokia Lumia 800 and TomTom Via 125

A smart and handy mobile phone and a useful navigation device.

The 10 most watched ads

Paints, television, camera, lights.... October saw a wide category of brands lighting up the TAM-BT listing of mostwatched advertisements.


Apple is also planning a major overhaul of the iMac and MacBook Airlines. It is also getting into iCloud, a cloud service.

No business like show business

India's thriving media and entertainment industry, together with favourable regulatory norms, provides attractive growth opportunities for global companies, says an Ernst & Young report.

5 steps to here

ICPA threatens a fresh stir if issues of pay parity and some allowances are not settled soon

'The debt crisis will take five to seven years to resolve'

Jitendra Sharma, the US-based Principal, Advisory Services, KPMG LLP, has a challenging job: managing risk. In India recently meeting clients, Sharma spoke to Sanjiv Shankaran on the debt crisis and what is in store.

On Record

Cyrus is somewhat of a dark horse, says Harsh Goenka, Chairman, RPG Group



In a breather for corporate executives embroiled in the 2G scam, the Supreme Court nod led to a spate of bail applications being accepted.

Executive Health

Run, Chief, Run

Dearton Thomas Hector finds out what prompts business leaders to take part in marathons.